What’s New in Disneyland Resort: Creepy ‘Star Wars’ Busts Now in Galaxy’s Edge

It’s been an interesting week in Disneyland, y’all.

Main Street Electrical Parade

We’ve celebrated the 10th anniversary of Cars Land in Disney California Adventure, we met a NEW Buzz Lightyear, and we started counting down the days until Haunted Mansion becomes Haunted Mansion Holiday! But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s find out what else is new in Disneyland!

Disneyland Food Updates

Churro Cart near Haunted Mansion

If you love the taste of an orange creamsicle, you’ll have to try the Orange Pop Churro because that’s exactly what it tastes like. The churro is covered in orange sugar and comes with fluffy orange and vanilla dipping sauce. It’s DELICIOUS!

In all its glory!

It’s available now for $6.75.

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Tomorrowland Popcorn Cart

The Buzz Lightyear Gauntlet has arrived! It comes with the bottled Coca-Cola drink of your choice and looks really cool.

Just drinking our Sprite with the Buzz Lightyear gauntlet

Grab it now for $27.79.

See more photos of the Gauntlet Here!

Plaza Inn

We checked out the Main Street Electrical Parade Dining Package at Plaza Inn via a media event. The dining package features a set menu that includes world-famous Plaza Inn fried chickenoven-roasted carrots, house-made smoked mac & cheesebacon, and pickled onion wedge salad served with house-made ranch dressing and blue cheese crumbles, Mickey-shaped sweet honey corn breadberry cheesecake, and the choice of one beverage: a 20 oz. fountain beverage or 20 oz. Dasani water.

Full spread

Like we’d ever turn down that fried chicken! But was it worth it? You’ll have to read our review to find out!

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French Market

We got the The Pirate P-arrr-fait from French Market, and yes, it is a Pirates of the Caribbean-inspired snack! It features vanilla rum-flavored baba, vanilla-pineapple compote, and rum-flavored mousse with decorations on top. ARRGHHH!

The Pirate P-arrr-fait

It’s pretty delicious, but you don’t have to take our word for it — get one for yourself for $7.99. Check out our full review here!

Picky Eaters Beware — Octopus is Now on the Menu at a Popular Disneyland Spot!

Disneyland Merchandise Updates

Disney Showcase

There’s a new Main Street Electrical Parade 50th Anniversary Pin here for $19.99.

New pin alert!

We also found these comfy Dose of Disney Shorts.

A Dose of Disney is all we need!

The shorts are $36.99.

Follow Along as We Find Out If Disneyland’s Parade Dining Package Is Worth the Time and Money!

China Closet

There’s a new Pixar Pride Water Bottle available.

Pixar Pride

The water bottle is $34.99.

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Disney Clothiers

Okay, get ready for some new pins! There’s a Mickey-shaped Disneyland Pin

Mickey head!

…a black and gold Mickey and Castle Pin

Mickey and the castle

…a Castle Disneyland Pin


…and a Castle Pin.

Castle Pin

Speaking of Pride, we also found a new Mickey Pride Pocket Tee for $36.99. We also saw this shirt at Elias & Co. in California Adventure.

Rainbow Mickey on the pocket!

You can also get some Disneyland Boxer Shorts for $19.99

Rep Disneyland on your boxers

…and Pizza Planet Boxers for $19.99.

Or Pizza Planet!

The Sequined Orchid Loungefly Mini Backpack is also here!


This Loungefly is $95.

Here’s the FULL LIST of Food Available in Disneyland for ‘Celebrate Soulfully’ This Summer!

20th Century Music

The Aurora Beautiful Florals Pin is now available for $19.99.


We also found the new Lilo & Stitch 20th Anniversary Pin for $24.99


…and a new Stitch FigPin!

New FigPin

The FigPin is $24.99.

Is Disney’s Exclusive Tomorrowland Lounge Worth The $$$? We Found Out!


How about a Main Street Electrical Parade 50th Anniversary Shirt for $39.99?

Cool shirt!

There’s a Mug, too, for $19.99.

50 years!

Those Glow-In-The-Dark Lightyear Ears we saw in Disney World are also available in Disneyland for $29.99.

They glow in the dark!

There’s also a new Lightyear Keychain

Lightyear Keychain

…and a Sox Plush for $24.99!

We love Sox!

We found a few new Stitch items, too, like this Stitch Backpack for $29.99

Stitch backpack

…and this Stitch Bucket Hat.

Fun summer hat!

The hat is $34.99.

Here’s How NASA Influenced Disney’s ‘Lightyear’ Movie

Star Trader

There’s a new Star Wars Sweatshirt for Kids for $29.99.

Hooded sweatshirt for kids

We also found a new Stormtrooper Shirt.

Rep the stormtroopers!

This shirt is $24.99.

Here’s A Heads Up! Disney’s SOLD OUT ‘Star Wars’ Starbucks Mugs are BACK Online!

Little Green Men Store Command

Okay, you’ll want to sit down for this because there is a TON of new Lightyear merchandise! There’s a Laser Blade Buzz Lightyear Toy for $32.99

Buzz with a Laser Blade!

…a Lightyear Space Battle Pack for $39.99

Space Battle!!!

…a Buzz Lightyear Toy for $16.99

Lightyear toy!

…a Buzz and Kurg Shirt for Kids for $19.99

Buzz and Zurg

…a Lightyear Button-Up Shirt for Kids for $39.99

Does this come in adult sizes?

…a Space Ranger Water Bottle for $27.99

Stay hydrated with Buzz

….Lightyear Socks for $14.99

Even socks!

…a Lightyear Property of Space Command Pocket Tee for $36.99

Property of Space Command

…a Lightyear Hoodie for Kids for $34.99

Again, we want this for adults!

…a Lightyear Water Bottle for Kids for $19.99


Lightyear Pants for Kids for $29.99

Kids Lightyear Pants

….Lightyear Pants for Adults for $49.99

Your own Space Command pants

…a Lightyear Windbreaker for $64.99

Stay dry!

…a Lightyear Sweatshirt for $44.99


…and a Zurg Toy!

It’s Zurg!

Zurg is $24.99.

This Disney ‘Lightyear’ Sweepstakes Is EPIC! Get All the Details HERE!

Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities

You can now get busts of some Star Wars characters, including Yoda

This bust, you need, padawan.

Darth Vader

We can hear this bust breathing

Emperor Palpatine

The Emperor!

…and Darth Maul! These busts are $19.99 each.

He’s so creepy

Are these Galactic Credits good at Oga’s Cantina? Asking for a friend. The set is $29.99.

Can we buy a ronto wrap with these?

We also found this fun Wood Sign for $49.99

It’s a beastie, we think.

…and a fun Shadow Collective Metal Sign.

Ooh, the Shadow Collective

This sign is $49.99.

Here’s an UPDATE on $5 Million Lawsuit Concerning Disney’s Park Pass Reservation System

Adventureland Bazaar

Stitch is surfing his way across this new T-Shirt.

Stitch is surfing, dude!

This shirt is $36.99.

We Bet You Haven’t Seen Baby Yoda Like THIS Before!

Westward Ho

This Buzz Lightyear and Squad Pin is a must for Lightyear fans!

Buzz and his gang!

You can also now get the Big Hero 6 Mystery Pin Collection.

What will you get?

Each box is $17.99.

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Pioneer Mercantile

Celebrate this year’s Independence Day with a 4th of July Mickey Tee.

Mickey says Happy 4th!

This t-shirt is $24.99.

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Disneyland Other Updates

We caught the Tale of the Lion King show! If you have a chance to catch it, you really should!

Tale of the Lion King

We also caught the new Buzz Lightyear Meet and Greet — and Buzz is now a face character?!?!?!?! We’re still not sure how we feel about this.

Okay, it IS Buzz Lightyear…

But if you want to meet the new Buzz, he’s in Tomorrowland now!

Click Here For More Photos From the Lightyear Meet and Greet

California Adventure Food Updates

Cozy Cone Motel

The Mater Popcorn Bucket has arrived just in time for the Cars Land 10th Anniversary. He’s banged up and rusty, but he’s perfect for eating one of our favorite snacks out of.

A MUST for Cars fans!

Mater is available right now for $21.99. You can also grab him at Flo’s V8 Café and Fillmore’s Taste-In.

Learn More About the Mater Popcorn Bucket Here

Smokejumpers Grill

Okay, so the Chipotle BBQ Bacon Double Cheeseburger at Smokejumpers Grill is a little pricey at $15.49, but it comes with two Angus beef patties, smoked provolone cheesebaconlettucepickles, onion rings, and chipotle BBQ sauce served with crinkle-cut fries or onion rings. It’s MASSIVE.



Overall, this was a pretty solid burger choice, but we will warn you — it’s got a kick! Check it out if you dare.

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California Adventure Merchandise Updates

Off The Page

There’s a new Star Wars Pride Ornament available.

Star Wars has PRIDE

The ornament is $17.99.

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Five and Dime

This Zero Full of Spirit Shirt for Kids is adorable!

Zero is FULL of spirit

This tee is $19.99.

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Elias & Co.

Need a new Card Holder. You can get one with Mickey


…or one with Minnie. These card holders are $16.99 each.


A new Mickey Mouse Backpack has arrived for $49.99.

Mickey backpack

A new Stitch Tee for Kids has also surfed its way into Disneyland for $24.99.

Hang Ten with Stitch

There are also a new pair of Stitch Shorts for Kids for $29.99.

Stitch shorts!

A new Disneyland Mickey Pride Tee is also now available.

Rainbow Mickey

This t-shirt is $29.99.

Here’s ALL of the Food Coming to Disneyland Resort for Pride Month!

Elysian Arcade

Now that Lightyear has released, we’re seeing a lot of new merchandise including pins. There’s a new Lightyear Pin for $17.99

Buzz Lightyear!

…and a new Buzz and Zurg Pin for $19.99.

Buzz and Zurg

Need a new beach towel, you can get a Minnie Beach Towel


…and a Mickey Beach Towel.


These towels are $24.99 each.

Here Are The BIG Food Updates — Including a NEW Late Night Menu — in Disneyland!

Backlot Shop

A few new Legend Series Action Figures are now available, including Sleepwalker


Master Mordo

Master Mordo

…and D’Spayre.


These figures are $24.99 each.

Here’s Everything CONFIRMED for Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort in 2022

Collector’s Warehouse

We LOVE the new Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder Plush from Thor: Love and Thunder.

Aren’t they cute?

This plush is $34.99.

This Might Be the BEST Way to See ‘Thor: Love And Thunder!’

WEB Suppliers

There’s a new Marvel Team Up Shirt For Kids!

Marvel Team Up!

This shirt is $19.99.

Here Are The Prices and Dates for Disneyland’s Oogie Boogie Bash

Downtown Disney Merchandise Updates

World of Disney

Okay, Toy Story fans, you can get a Rex “Fear Me” Tee for Kids for $19.99.

Fear Me! RAWR!

There’s also this cool new Mickey Disneyland Shirt for Kids for $19.99.

Fun shirt for kids

Excuse us, but we need this Kuzco Boom Baby Long Sleeve Shirt for $39.99. Seriously, we need ALL The Emperor’s New Groove merchandise!

BOOM Baby!

This Mushu Longsleeve is pretty sweet, too. It’s also $39.99.


A new Kid’s Totally Mickey Mouse Shirt has arrived for $36.99.

Mickey Forever!

We love the message of this Radiate Happiness Castle Shirt

Always radiate happiness.

This shirt is $24.99.

Come Inside The Newly-Reopened Blue Bayou Restaurant In Disneyland With Us!

The Dress Shop

There’s a new Flower Tote Bag for $39.99

Perfect summer tote!

…and a Flower Pouch!


The pouch is $29.99.

Sales Have PAUSED for ALL Magic Key Passes in Disneyland — Get More Details Here

Pin Traders

Cars Land is celebrating its 10th anniversary and there are pins! Here’s one…

Celebrating 10 years!

…and here’s another. Both pins are $19.99 each!

Happy 10th!

LOADS of new pins that we’ve seen in Disney World have arrived here. There’s the Stitch 626 Day Pin for $17.99

…a Lilo & Stitch 20th Anniversary Pin for $17.99

Lilo and Stitch is 30!

…ANOTHER Lilo & Stitch 20th Anniversary Pin for $19.99

Happy 20th!

…an Olaf Summer Pin for $17.99

Olaf LOVES summer

…a Tiana Beautiful Florals Pin for $19.99


…and an Aurora Father’s Day Pin.

Aurora and her dad!

This pin is $17.99.

Downtown Disney Other Updates

New Encanto-inspired flower displays have turned up in Downtown Disney! These displays are to represent inclusion at Disneyland.

SO pretty!

If you get a chance to get to Downtown Disney, be sure to check these beautiful displays out!

Check Out The New EXCLUSIVE Entrance at Disney California Adventure!

Disneyland Hotel Food Updates

The Coffee House

We grabbed the Pride Cupcake from The Coffee House at the Disneyland Hotel.  It’s a chocolate cupcake with rainbow buttercream frosting. Although that seems pretty plain, we thought this was a tasty treat!

Pride Cupcake at The Coffee House!

We especially loved the frosting on it. Grab it now for $5.99.

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Headed to Disneyland soon? Remember that you’ll need a valid park ticket and park pass reservation to enter Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, just like you do in Disney World. You’ll also be able to use Disney Genie+ and pay-per-ride to access the Lightning Lane there.

Before you book your hotel, though, be sure to read up on why you shouldn’t stay in a Disney hotel — there are plenty of cheaper (and often closer) hotels in the area at pretty much every price point.

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