We Found the WEIRDEST Disney Items on Amazon

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We all know we can find almost anything we need on Amazon. When it comes to Disney, there’s no shortage of merchandise available, too!

Disney has inspired SO MUCH merchandise

With such a large selection, there are tons of strange items you wouldn’t even suspect existed!

We searched Amazon to find some of the WEIRDEST Disney items they had to offer. 

This Shirt of Bruno Looking … Ominous

Look, we all love the reclusive Madrigal (who has one of the BEST Disney songs ever!). We also get that his whole thing is being mysterious and hidden, but … this shirt is just kind of creepy!

This is kind of threatening, right?

The dark and ominous vibe of this shirt just doesn’t feel like the best way to represent our Bruno love. However, if you aren’t a fan of the usual cutesy Disney merch this might be the shirt for you!

Click here to buy this Disney Encanto We Don’t Talk About Bruno Shirt!

Minnie Mouse On Your Toilet?!

Toilet seat covers aren’t anything new. But maybe stick to a design that doesn’t have a face?! Who doesn’t want Minnie Mouse staring at you before you do your business?

Uh, hi Minnie!

This item is probably best suited for a kid’s bathroom. Although we’re not sure how we feel about fleece in the bathroom 😬, the listing does say this set is machine washable.

Click here to buy this Disney Minnie Mouse Fleece Toilet Seat Cover Set!

Stitch’s Great Escape … From His Body!

At first glance, this cookie jar looks totally adorable- look how cute Stitch is with his little doll!

Aww look at Stitch!

However, once you realize you have to REMOVE Stitch’s head to get to your sweet treats, it becomes a lot less wholesome.


I’d prefer to grab my dessert without any decapitation, thanks. If you aren’t too put off by this, this cookie jar could be a cute addition to your kitchen!

Click here to buy the Enesco Disney Ceramics Lilo and Stitch Cookie Jar!

Jabba for your Java

Okay, so there are probably some die-hard Star Wars fans that would love to add this to their collection, but some of us just couldn’t imagine enjoying a drink out of this Jabba the Hutt mug!

“I will not give up my favorite decoration!”

All we would be able to think about is how gross and slimy Jabba is. More power to you if you can stomach drinking your morning coffee from this mug.

Click here to buy the Jabba the Hutt Mug!

A Talking Monkey?!

This item is definitely a love it or hate it toy. The Abu Chatterback Plush is a toy that listens to what you say … then repeats it back in an annoying, errr we mean high-pitched, voice!

I’ve got my eye on you …

Some smaller children might find this hilarious, but based on the reviews some of the parents are totally creeped out. It’s giving us major Furby flashbacks (If it starts talking in the middle of the night, I’m out of there!).

Click here to buy the Abu Chatterback Plush!

Which item on this list do you think was the WEIRDEST? Let us know if you would purchase any of these!

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