REVIEW: Try Every New Appetizer, Entree, and Dessert at Café Orleans in Disneyland

A host of exciting new dishes are on the menu at Café Orleans in Disneyland and we stopped by to give them a taste.


The restaurant is located in New Orleans Square. Reservations are highly recommended as the classic spot is quite popular.

Here’s a look at the updated menu:

Tuna Tartare – $14

Mango Purée, Avocado Crema and Watermelon Relish with Chips

This was much better than expected. This isn’t a dish we would think to order here, but the quality was very high, even if the dish was a little small. This is a nice, light, and refreshing option on a hot summer day.

The sweetness of the mango matches perfectly, and the avocado crema and watermelon tasted very fresh. The chips were nice and salty, a perfect match when scooping everything offered on the plate.

House-Made White Bean Hummus – $10

Olive Oil, Pistachios, and Pickled Vegetables with Charred Bread

Another surprising hit as the hummus we typically enjoy is made from chickpeas. Despite the concern, it wasn’t too chalky or “earthy” in taste as you might expect, perfectly offset by the olive oil and pistachios.

The crostini had a toasted crust and a soft interior, making for a nice pairing. It was drenched in olive oil, which is always a wonderful thing.

Steak Frites – $28

Flat Iron Steak and Pommes Frites paired with Salsa Verde

This was one of the best steaks we have ever had in a Disney Park. Perfectly prepared, well-seasoned, and quite sizable for the cost.

We know many lament the loss of the old Pommes Frites, but we actually think these are the best iteration in the long history of Café Orleans. They are thick cut, crunchy outside, soft and warm inside, and covered in just the right amount of cheese.

Shrimp Pasta – $23

Pappardelle Pasta, Steam Beer Cream Sauce and Herbs with Parmesan Cheese

This was the only thing we wouldn’t order again from this visit. The shrimp were plump and weren’t at all fishy in taste. The pasta was made fresh, but maybe was slightly overcooked. It’s a fine dish, it just gets lost in the shuffle of a lot of really fantastic offerings here.

Vanilla Crème Brûlée – $9

Vanilla Custard, Caramelized Sugar and Seasonal Compote

A steakhouse-level creme brûlée. The portion size is nice enough to share (not that we think you will). It’s clearly made with a quality cream. The vanilla flavor is not overpowering, but rather a subtle, enjoyable accent to this sugary delight.

The whole thing is topped with a soft and delectable shortbread cookie, whipped cream, and a few blueberries.

Macarons – $16

The macarons are chocolate, almond, blood orange, raspberry, lemon poppy, and pistachio.

The macarons are clearly imported from a third party, but we are willing to overlook that for their quality. The pricing might seem a little high, but the cost is in line with many non-tourist locations. Frankly, they were better than any attempts at the Parisian cookie we have had at Disneyland Paris, offering airy confections with almond flavor throughout. The variety is perfect and each has its merits. There wasn’t a weak one in the bunch.

Overall, we were blown away by a majority of our meal at Cafe Orleans (for the first time in a long time honestly), and it is a pleasant place to grab a bite outside on a beautiful day at The Happiest Place on Earth.

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