REVIEW: Royal Street Veranda Summer-y Blueberry Fritters, Impossible Royal Wrap, and Street Steak Salad from Disneyland

We moseyed down to Royal Street Veranda to try the new blueberry fritters and sample a couple of interesting items from the menu. We weren’t exactly impressed with what we got.

Street Steak Salad – $11.49

Chilled Steak on Mixed Greens, Cherry Tomatoes, Blue Cheese, Candied Pecans and Fried Onions with a Horseradish Dressing

To start off, we tried the Street Steak Salad. Let’s just say, it wasn’t worth the $11.49 we paid for it. The lettuce was a tad wilted, the giant cherry tomatoes couldn’t be mixed in and the beef was flavorless.

The roast beef was in fact too tough to cut into bite-sized chunks with nothing but a plastic fork and knife. Also the dressing was a bit much for such a flavorless dish to begin with. All we could taste was horseradish. The only good addition to the salad was the crunchy candied pecans.

Overall, this would have been better as a sandwich.

Hoppin’ John Impossible Royal Wrap – $11.49

Seasoned Plant-based Meat with Rice, Black-eyed Peas, Dairy-free Cheddar, Lettuce and Cajun Dressing in a Spinach Tortilla

The impossible wrap wasn’t terrible, especially considering the lack of vegan options around the park. It packed a lot of flavor in a visually-basic dish that it actually surprised us. In fact, if it hadn’t specifically mentioned impossible plant-based meat, we probably would have never known.

The spinach wrap was huge so it took us awhile to get to the (not) meat of the wrap. The flavor itself was very similar to store-bought taco seasoning. It’s a bit on the hotter side but not exactly something to write home about.

Still, a great option for vegan guests trying to survive at Disneyland.

Blueberry Fritters – $5.99

With Blue Sugar and served with Lemon Curd Dipping Sauce

This was the highlight of the meal for us. The blueberry fritters were delicious. We have a history of getting fritters heavy on the grease at Royal Street Veranda so we were pleasantly surprised by the fritter’s cakey texture.

The lemon curd dipping sauce was an excellent pairing with this heavy dessert. The sharpness of the lemon helped cut the sweetness of the blueberry. All in all, a great dessert option for this summer.

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