Repainting Begins on Exterior of Mickey’s PhilharMagic in Magic Kingdom

After refurbishing the marquee last year, Disney is now repainting the rest of the exterior of Mickey’s PhilharMagic.

The edge of the roof overhang has been freshly painted blue, with rope-like gold running across it.

The overhang is decorated with music notes.

The support poles and decorative crowns also look freshly painted.

The crowns are gold, while the poles are blue.

On top of the roof are several pyramid-shaped spires.

Crews have repainted the spires on this corner.

These spires look new and vibrant next to the faded blue and pink spire behind the marquee, which presumably has yet to be repainted.

These spires are striped with different shades of red.

They are golden yellow along the bottom, with diamond designs.

The large spire in the center has blue diamonds, but the smaller spires have plain golden diamonds.

Each spire is topped with a simple golden piece or crown.

There are four spires in this corner — one large one and three small ones.

We would assume the center spire, which is the tallest one, will be repainted soon.

It now stands out as starkly different from the rest of the façade.

The spires at the other end of the attraction’s façade have also been repainted.

They have the same color scheme as the spires on the other end.

The blue diamonds do look different from the other spires. This may mean crews are still working on the designs, or they are purposefully mismatched.

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