New Mickey Glassware, Bags, and Magnet From Mexico Pavilion at EPCOT

New colorful Mickey Mouse glassware, bags, and a magnet matching previously released kitchenware has arrived at the Mexico Pavilion in EPCOT.

Mexico Pavilion Shot Glass – $9.99

This short glass is dark blue at the top. A Mickey head is on the side, made of red, blue, black, and orange stripes.

The rest of the glass is covered in colorful floral designs.

Mexico Pavilion Pitcher – $34.99

The same design is printed around this pitcher.

It is again dark blue around the top.

Most of the pitcher is transparent.

The handle is also transparent.

Mexico Pavilion Large Glass – $14.99

This is a wide, short glass.

It has the same design, with a Mickey head on one side.

The floral design has multiple shades of blue, red, yellow, and orange.

Mexico Pavilion Margarita Glass – $19.99

The margarita glass has the Mickey head and floral design around the top, while the stem is just transparent.

The rim and the bottom of the stem are both dark blue.

Mexico Pavilion Magnet – $9.99

The striped Mickey head is on the center of this white magnet. Blue, pink, and yellow floral designs are around the edge.

The Mickey head pops out of the magnet.

Though the back wouldn’t be seen, it is covered in white floral designs.

Mexico Pavilion Tote – $39.99

This tote bag has fake leather brown handles. It is off-white, with thin red, yellow, black, green, and blue stripes.

A small silver Mickey is near the top of the tote.

A few flowers and Mickey heads are embroidered on one side. A pink and blue tassel charm hangs from the strap.

The stripes continue on the other side, but there is no embroidery.

It zips closed and has bright pink lighting.

Mexico Pavilion Wristlet – $29.99

This white wristlet is lined with colorful pom-poms. Larger pom-poms hang from the zipper pull.

More flowers and Mickeys are embroidered on this.

It has a white wrist strap or could be used as a clutch.

The back is blank.

The interior lining is also bright pink.

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