New Disney Princesses Stoney Clover Lane Collection at Disneyland Resort

A new Stoney Clover Lane collection inspired by Disney Princesses and their sidekicks is now available at Disneyland Resort. The collection was in The Dress Shop at Downtown Disney District and Fortuosity in Disneyland.

Disney Princess Belt Bag – $188

This belt bag and the matching backpack (below) are light purple. Gems line the top of the belt bag.

The silhouettes of various Disney Princesses are embroidered with iridescent thread all over the bag. The princesses include Merida, Ariel, Tiana, Mulan, Jasmine, Pocahontas, and Snow White.

It has a golden zipper and buckle. The interior lining is off-white.

A princess crown is on the zipper pull.

Disney Princess Backpack – $268

The backpack has the same embroidered pattern.

There’s a small front pocket and a large main pocket. It has gems on the front pocket, beneath the zipper.

The straps are solid with no embroidery.

Disney Princess Duffel Bag – $348

The duffel bag is light pink with the same embroidery pattern.

Gems are on the straps down the side of the bag.

It has handles and a detachable over-the-shoulder strap.

Mrs. Potts and Chip Backpack – $248

This backpack is pale yellow.

Patches of Mrs. Potts and Chip from “Beauty and the Beast” are on the front.

The rest of the bag is plain.

A pink pleather plaque on the back features Disney and Stoney Clover Lane logos. The interior lining is light pink.

Sidekicks Pouch – $168

This pouch is off-white, with four patches across the front. The patches are of Gus from “Cinderella,” Chip from “Beauty and the Beast,” Flounder from “The Little Mermaid,” and the frog from the fairytale book in “The Princess and the Frog.”

The pouch zips closed. It has no straps.

Sebastian and Flounder Pouch – $148

This green pouch is slightly smaller than the one above. It features Sebastian and Flounder on patches.

Flounder Pouch – $128

This translucent, iridescent bag is shaped like Flounder. One side is debossed with his facial features.

The other side is blank. His fins stick out from the top and sides.

It has a golden zipper.

Gus Pouch – $128

This pouch of Gus from “Cinderella” is made of the same plastic translucent material as the Flounder bag.

“Cinderella” Bird Patch – $20

This patch resembles one of the bluebirds from “Cinderella” against a pink background with a yellow outline.

Chip Patch – $20

Chip is set against a pink background.

Mrs. Potts Patch – $20

Mrs. Potts is on a white background with a purple border.

Frog Patch – $20

The frog is against a light pink background with a yellow outline.

Louis Patch – $20

Louie is playing his trumpet against a pale yellow background with a purple border.

Gus Patch – $20

Gus, who is pictured without his green shirt, is against a pink background with a blue outline.

Sebastian Patch – $20

Sebastian has a green background and a light pink outline.

Flounder Patch – $20

Princess Crown Patch – $30

This larger patch is of a pink crown, outlined in black with gems across the top of it. It’s against a lighter pink background with a blue outline.

Will you be taking home any of the Disney Princesses Stoney Clover collection? Let us know in the comments.

The collection is also available at Walt Disney World.

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