A TINY ‘Star Wars’ Spaceship Just Sold for $2.3 MILLION 😳

We just found something that makes Disney’s $110,000 private jet tour around the world look downright cheap.

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We know that collectibles are popular among Disney fans. The Mickey Mouse: Main Attraction collections that have been coming out recently can be hard to find just a few weeks after they’re released! And don’t get in the way of a guest looking for the newest Trader Sam’s Tiki Mug. We’re all about collecting your favorite Disney merchandise…but don’t you think $2.3 MILLION is going a little far?

At a recent Prop Store Auction, a Star Wars X-Wing Fighter model sold for $2,375,000. 😳 The model was used in George Lucas’ 1977 film Star Wars: A New Hope.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, it’s screen-matched to the Red Leader fighter from the movie (piloted by Squadron Leader Garven Dreis, played by the late Drewe Henley), although this one is a miniature model made of light-weight rigid foam. If you’re paying over $2 million, we think you should at least get a working spaceship!

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The model, which was built by Industrial Light & Magic, was estimated to bring in $500,000 to $1 million. Part of the reason that the price ended up being so high is because models like this are very rare. Most of the models were actually “destroyed by pyrotechnics while filming the movie’s climax battle sequence at the Death Star” (Hollywood Reporter).

Darth Vader in Hollywood Studios on Disney+ Day 2021

If you watch the movie carefully, you could actually match specific scratches and blemishes on this model to ones on the fighter in A New Hope

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For some major Star Wars fans with a big budget to spend on collectibles, apparently the rare piece of the film’s history is worth the expense! We’ll keep an eye out for more Disney-related news, so stay tuned with DFB.

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