You’re SLEEPING on These Packing Hacks

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Getting ready for a Disney World vacation is no small feat. Even after you’ve purchased park tickets, made reservations for park passes and dining, found the right hotel, and decided whether or not to use Genie+, you’ve still got a monumental task ahead of you: PACKING.

Time to pack!

There are all kinds of packing tips and tricks out there, and we’ve got an awesome guide detailing how to pack for Disney World. But new products and ideas are coming out every day, so we’ve got 15 NEW packing hacks that you haven’t yet considered! Check out these handy items now to see if any could help you during your next vacation.

New Travel Hacks

Airfly Wireless Transmitter

If you’ve got a long flight to the Orlando International Airport, you’ll probably want to watch a movie to pass the time. But the airplane TV screens only have AUX inputs — no Bluetooth capability here. That’s where Airfly’s Wireless Transmitter comes in!


This handy device plugs into the AUX input and then connects to your Bluetooth-compatible earphones! No need to break out your old wire headphones for your next flight.


You can get one on Amazon for $54.99.

Click here to buy the Airfly Wireless Transmitter

Airplane Phone Mount

If your plane doesn’t have built-in screens (most planes used for shorter flights don’t), then you can provide your own with a phone mount. This mount can attach to the fold-down trays and securely hold your phone while you enjoy your show.


You can find one on Amazon for $12.97.

Click here to buy the Airplane Phone Mount

Suitcase Scooter for Kids

Traveling with kids can be extra challenging, especially if you’ve got several little ones in the group! Maybe a scooter suitcase will make it a little easier to get them moving and keep them happy at the same time.


You can get one on Amazon for $149.99, and it comes in a variety of colors and designs.

Click here to buy the Suitcase Scooter

Portable Luggage Scale

We understand the struggle of trying to keep your luggage under the required weight for your airline. Does anyone else still try to use a bathroom scale to weigh suitcases before heading out to the airport? That works fine on your way TO the parks, but once you’ve loaded in a few souvenirs, you might need to re-weigh. That’s when this portable luggage scale might come in handy.


You can get one for just $11 on Amazon.

Click here to buy the Luggage Scale

Luggage Coffee Caddy

A cup of coffee is mandatory for flights to Disney World. You’ve got to caffeine-load before hitting the parks, after all! To keep your hands free without spilling your cup of joe, check out the luggage coffee caddy, which has 2 pockets to hold coffee cups or anything else you might need to store.


It attaches to the handle of your suitcase with strong velcro straps. You can get one on Amazon for $15.99.

Click here to buy the Coffee Caddy

Lightweight Carryon Backpack

If you can manage to fit everything you need for your Disney trip into a carryon, first of all — HOW? But props to you, because you won’t have to wait around at baggage claim to get your suitcases! Some members of our team have recommended the Vancropack backpack, which can function as both a backpack and a large carryon.


This pack expands outward to fit more items, or it can be contracted to a smaller size. It measures 20 inches by 14 inches, which means it’ll qualify as a carryon and not need to be checked.


You can find it on Amazon now for $59.99.

Click here to buy the Carryon Backpack

Compression Bags

If you’re trying to fit more outfits into your suitcase but just can’t find the room, you should check out these compression bags.


Just put your clothes inside and roll them up tight — no vacuum seal necessary.


You can usually get a pack of 12 bags (6 suitcase-sized and 6 carryon-sized) on Amazon for $29.99, but right now they’re on sale for $16.99.

Click here to buy a 12-pack of Compression Bags

USB Charger Station

It’s no secret that travel can make finding an outlet a massive pain. Whether you’re at the airport or in your hotel room, there never seem to be enough outlets for everyone’s devices. To maximize on outlet availability, check out this USB charger station, which allows you to input 6 USB chargers into one plug.


It’s available on Amazon for $12.60.

Click here to buy the USB Charger Station

Hanging Toiletry Bag

Another hot commodity in hotel rooms (besides outlets) is counter space in the bathroom. You can free up some room with a hanging toiletry bag. Just pack the bag and zip it up, and then once you arrive you can simply unzip and hang it up!


It’s usually $31.99 on Amazon, but right now it’s on sale for $23.79.

Click here to buy the Hanging Toiletry Bag

Leak-Proof Travel Bottles

To make sure you’re not met with a mess of spilled liquids when you open your suitcase, you might need some leak-proof silicone bottles. Fill them up with any moisturizer, cleanser, or other liquids you’ll need, and shut the lids tight. (We’d put ours in a plastic bag too, though, just in case.)


You can get a 4-pack of 2 oz. bottles for $9.49 on Amazon.

Click here to buy the Travel Bottles

Waterproof Shoe Organizer

One of our top packing tips of all time is to BRING. COMFY. SHOES. You will sincerely regret opting for looks over comfort before you get halfway through World Showcase in EPCOT, we promise you. To keep your comfy shoes all organized, check out this waterproof packing cube.


It has 1 big compartment for a pair of bulkier shoes and 2 smaller compartments for sandals or flip-flops.


The cub measures 11.5 inches by 8.3 inches by 5 inches total and costs $16.99 on Amazon.

Click here to buy the Shoe Organizer

Luggage Organizer/Packing Cube

And for the rest of your clothes, you can get packing cubes for them too! There’s a packing cube that folds down smaller and then extends once you hang it up in the hotel closet. It has a zipper compartment, 3 open compartments, and a couple of smaller pockets.


This way, you can keep your clothes organized both in your suitcase and at the hotel. You won’t even have to unpack. Just hang the cube up and you are are good to go!


You can get it on Amazon for $26.99.

Click here to buy the Luggage Organizer

Foldable Trunk Organizer

Many of our hacks are for people traveling on airplanes to Disney World, but we know a lot of y’all opt for road trips instead! So maybe a trunk organizer is more helpful for your journey. Keep everything in your trunk organized with this foldable organizer, which has several compartments and pockets.


The organizer measures 22.5 by 15 by 13.4 inches. It usually costs $24.98 on Amazon, but right now it’s available for $18.68.

Click here to buy the Foldable Trunk Organizer

Jewelry Organizer…But for Cheese?!

Listen up. Charcuteries are a big food trend and if you know us, you know we love cheese. A new trend we have been seeing is using a plastic jewelry organizer to pack a to-go charcuterie board for plane rides and road trips. YES, you read that right!!


Each organizer is just 6.9 by 3.9 by 0.8 inches, so they’ll fit in a suitcase, backpack, or larger purse. There are 15 compartments in each box, and you can remove or switch around the pieces inside to fit your jewelry…or ya know, your CHEESE and crackers! You can get a pack of 6 boxes on Amazon for $13.99, but these are actually on sale right now for $9.99.

Click here to buy the Jewelry Organizer

Simple Crossbody Bag

And we’ll end with a packing hack that’s not really new, but it can make a BIG difference for your trip. If you’re traveling with a few pieces of luggage, we highly recommend bringing along a simple crossbody bag. For a totally hands-free version, check out these crossbody fanny pack purses!


It’s a PAIN to tote around a purse while also trying to manage other luggage. With a crossbody fanny pack, you can just put it over your shoulder and forget about it, but your wallet, ID, and other essentials are still close at hand. These bags are super easy to wear while you’re traveling, and they make great park bags as well.


You can get this bag in a variety of colors for $27.89.

Click here to buy the Simple Crossbody Bag

That’s it for our new packing hacks! We hope this helps as you get ready to embark on your next Disney World vacation. Stay tuned with DFB for more planning tips and all the latest Disney news.

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