Taking a Look Around EPCOT’s Newly Refurbished Guest Relations Location

EPCOT’s Guest Relations location reopened this week after a two-month period of refurbishment. The end result is a mix of modern touches with homages to the park’s past.

The intentional design begins even before guests step into the new lobby. The park’s braille map, seen during refurbishment mounted to one of the construction walls, is now promenently displayed on a permanent stand just to the right of the lobby’s door. The new Guest Relations sign follows the cohesive design of the rest of World Celebration, and features World Bold font.

The lobby itself is stunning. The park’s name (again, in World Bold font) is a focal piece behind a long counter. The lower height of the counter at the end of the expanse is accessible for guests using mobility devices.

The rounded counter that guests have used over the years remains, with the flower-inspired park logo displayed behind it (be sure to stop and read Marty Sklar’s take on this iconic park logo). Guests enter the space and are greeted by a Guest Relations cast member who will direct them toward an available cast member.

The lighting in the GR lobby? Gorgeous. As we’ve seen in Connections Eatery and Cafe, the lighting fixtures are statement pieces that harken back to the history of the park. Three of the new Guest Relations lighting fixtures have been installed thus far, with a fourth on the way.

The new lobby, right down to the geometric shapes found in the carpet, is a bright, clean, and intentionally-crafted space.