New ‘Star Wars’ Collectible Coins and Credits Available at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Dok-Ondar has a new series of collectible “Star Wars” coins, credits, and flan in his Den of Antiquities at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Credits are currency in the “Star Wars” universe. Dok is offering sets of Imperial and Galactic credits, as well as Calamari flan, another type of credit. The fourth set is collectible Mandalorian coins, but these are not exact recreations of actual coins used in “Star Wars.”

Mandalorian Coins – $29.99

There are four metal coins in the Mandalorian set, each a different color as though they are made from different metals.

They are all branded with a Mythosaur skull, the symbol of the Mandalorians. Mythosaurs were ancient creatures that inhabited Mandalore.

They have ridged edges.

The packaging reads, “There are many different types of currency used as a medium of exchange throughout the galaxy.”

Calamari Flan – $34.99

While the other coins and credits are made of metal, the flan feels like it is made out of plastic. They are the currency of the planet Mon Cala, the homeworld of Mon Calamari. Famous Mon Calamari characters include Admiral Ackbar and Lieutenant Bek.

They are iridescent and reflective. They mainly shine blue, but the light sometimes makes them look gold, green, or pink.

Calamari Flan first appeared in “The Mandalorian.” They were depicted on-screen as squishy and malleable, but these are hard.

Galactic Credits – $29.99

Galactic credits are rectangular pieces with different-sized squares and rectangles on top.

They are also each a different metal color.

Three are approximately the same size, while one is slightly smaller. They each have a different square and rectangle pattern.

The backs are flat.

Imperial Credits – $29.99

The Imperial credits are more square-shaped, with the Galactic Empire logo at the center.

All of these coin sets come in grey display boxes.

Dok-Ondar has stamped his logo in red on the box.

Each Imperial credit is a different color, but otherwise identical.

The Aurebesh along the bottom of each Imperial credit reads “R.O.W.E.” These same letters are on the credits seen on-screen, but it’s a mystery as to what they stand for.

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