New Jersey Brothers Get Drunk and Kicked Out of EPCOT, Flee Across Crescent Lake Resorts

The trouble started at the pub in the United Kingdom pavilion at EPCOT. It ended with two New Jersey brothers in jail and plenty of Disney guests frightened by the chaos they witnessed at the Most Magical Place on Earth.


The Orange County Sheriff’s report said a group of four guests were acting disorderly in the pub so they were cut off from alcohol just after 9 p.m. on April 19.

In response, the guests cursed at Cast Members and caused a scene, leading Disney security to ask them to leave.

Among them was Christian Gedell, 24, whose behavior got him singled out in the sheriff’s report.
Christian Gedell cursed at a Disney security manager and threatened to punch him.

The security manager radioed for an Orange County sheriff’s deputy for help as the group headed out of EPCOT.

“I met Security at the exit of the International Gateway, where I saw a female and another male holding Christian Gedell back from running back inside the park,” the deputy wrote. “Christian was yelling and cursing causing other [guests including] small children to run away from him.”
His brother, Robert Gedell, kept apologizing on Christian’s behalf.

Disney security wanted Christian Gedell out and gave the group instructions on how to get an Uber at a nearby hotel.

“Christian continued to scream profanities the entire time and had to be held back by the other people in his party,” the sheriff’s report said.

It was clear Christian’s antics were upsetting Disney-goers.

“While walking up a guest approached us advising he was upset how Christian was talking like that in front of kids and wanted to do something. At the same time [another] guest came up stating, ‘Do something please, do something please,’” the sheriff’s report said. “Christian Gedell’s actions of running, screaming, and yelling profanities were causing hotel [guests] to run away from him.”
Christian Gedell didn’t follow the instructions where to catch an Uber. His next move was to run away on Disney property.

Disney security found Christian Gedell and the group behind Jellyrolls Dueling Piano Bar on Disney’s BoardWalk.

The deputy waiting for backup asked Christian Gedell for his name. Christian responded by swearing at the deputy and telling the deputy he wanted to go to jail.

“The female in the party held onto him and kept him from running towards me,” the deputy wrote in the report.

More law-enforcement officials arrived on the scene and “Christian Gedell threw the female who he was with to the ground with such force I heard her body smack off the pavement. He then took flight on foot pushing past a fully uniformed Disney security guard. I and the other deputies ran after him giving verbal commands to stop running.”

Christian Gedell ran down the sidewalk and onto the grass where he fell on an embankment. He got up but then he fell down a second time on the sidewalk where authorities caught up to him.
“I grabbed his legs while the other deputies attempted to grab his arms to secure them. He thrashed his arms around and grabbed the gate by the sidewalk to obstruct the Deputy Sheriff’s from securing him in handcuffs,” the arrest report said.

Finally, Christian Gedell, who was bleeding from his falls, was in handcuffs. He refused to get into a marked vehicle so authorities had to lift him up and carry him into the truck, the report added.
Soon the deputies had another problem: Christian’s brother.

“Robert Gedell walked up on all deputies yelling, ‘Where is my brother going to be taken?’ Robert was told multiple times to back up and to calm down. Robert continued to be belligerent, and not listening to deputies on scene,” said the report.

Robert Gedell, 32, was told to leave the BoardWalk area and Disney property or he would be arrested for trespass. He was escorted back to the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel, which is not owned by Disney.

But ten minutes later, Robert Gedell was back at Disney’s BoardWalk, trying to find out where Christian was. That’s when Robert was arrested, too.

Robert Gedell pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor trespassing charge while Christian Gedell pleaded not guilty to resisting an officer without violence, trespassing, and disorderly conduct, all misdemeanor charges, according to Orange Circuit Court records.

The attorney representing the two brothers did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

It’s at least the second known time a pair of New Jersey siblings got in trouble at Disney World this year. We wrote about two New Jersey sisters who got in a drunk brawl that involved public nudity at Disney Springs.

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