FIRST LOOK: MagicBand+ Interacting With Disney Fab 50 Statues at EPCOT

After months of anticipation, we got our first MagicBand+ interactions with the Disney Fab 50 statues at EPCOT this morning!

While walking around the statues, our reporter’s MagicBand+ had a spinning blue circle around the Mickey Mouse head. When waving her hand, the circle kept spinning, but a vibration could be felt. Our first bit of luck with the MagicBand+ came at the statues of Miguel and Dante from Coco just steps from Disney Traders.

When our reporter waved their MagicBand+, the sound of a guitar strumming could be heard from beneath Miguel’s statue, following by some barking below the Dante statue. We had to wave really aggressively to get the effect to play, but it’s unclear if that is because MagicBand+ wasn’t supposed to debut yet (as we learned from an accidental early release this week), or if this is supposed to be how the effects activate.

On a second wave, we got a quick clip of music from the park.

Meanwhile, over at the Olaf statue, Olaf alternates between saying “la la” and another phrase heard over similar EPCOT music.

Another interesting thing to note is that when near a statue, the band vibrates approximately every thirty seconds or so until you wave it. The range seems to vary, as we had to stand directly in front of the Dante and Olaf statues to get the effect to work, but we were roughly thirty feet away from the Figment statue when were notified to try waving. Three vibrations will signify a statue is nearby, while a single vibration will signify that a sound effect is coming. After the effect plays, two vibrations let us know we could try for another effect.

You can watch our video of the interactions as part of the Fab 50 Quest, in the video below!

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