Wood Lantern Revealed Inside Connections Café and Eatery at EPCOT

Though an opening date has not been announced for Connections Café and Eatery at EPCOT, the new quick-service restaurant is coming together quickly.

New trees and foliage were planted outside the World Discovery entrances to the restaurant and we saw crew members among the plants this morning.

More crew members were working directly outside this entrance, which does not yet have a sign like the other entrances. It does have the same black and red archway as the others.

Through the windows, it looks like tables and chairs are staged for placement inside. We previously saw booths installed.

The entire building has been painted a solid cream, off-white color.

This rounded corner of the building and some of the columns were also recently restored.

We can see that the top of the corner still needs a final piece.

It still looks ragged and torn.

From the breezeway, we could see through these windows.

A wooden lantern structure is visible inside.

This matches the architecture of Connections that we have seen in concept art.

In the breezeway, we have been able to get a good look at this Connections Café entrance.

The café portion will be a permanent Starbucks location, as indicated by the Starbucks logo on the inside of the archway.

Here is concept art for Connections Café and Eatery, featuring the “Global Gathering” mural.

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