What’s New in EPCOT: An ‘Encanto’ Magic Shot and a SECRET Snack!

Time for a trip around the world! …World Showcase, that is. 😉

Guten Tag from the Germany pavilion!

We’re heading to EPCOT today to check out what’s NEW in this park since the last time we visited! We found a secret snack, checked the progress on some major construction projects, and went shopping for LOTS of new souvenirs. Come along with us to see what you’ve missed.

EPCOT Food Updates

50th Anniversary Coke

All of the theme parks currently have new Coca-Cola bottles with special 50th Anniversary labels!

EPCOT 50th Anniversary Coca-Cola Bottle

You can find these drinks at most snack stands around EPCOT or in coolers at some of the gift shops for $4.69 each.

Anna’s Ginger Swedish Thins

We recently visited The Fjording in the Norway pavilion of World Showcase. While we were there, we spotted Anna’s Ginger Swedish Thins!

Anna’s Swedish Thins

We’re always up for trying out a snack, so we grabbed these to test them out. Our verdict? These are DELICIOUS! They’re very thin ginger snap cookies, and we could munch on them all day.

We can’t eat just one, though.

As an added bonus, the cookies are also vegan! You can get them at The Fjording for $4.95.

Check out our full review of these cookies here!

Paprika Chips

If you’re looking for a quick, tasty snack in EPCOT, then you should head over to the Germany pavilion to Sommerfest. You won’t find this snack on the menu or on Mobile Order, but you can get House-Made Paprika Chips at the window!

Paprika Chips!

For $4.49, you can get a decent serving of delicious house-made potato chips with a generous amount of paprika sprinkled on top. These aren’t listed on their own on the menu (they come as a side to some entrées), but just head up to the window and ask a Cast Member for them, and you should be able to get just the side!

Click here for our full review of House-Made Paprika Chips.

EPCOT Construction Updates

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

We got a HUGE update this week about the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind rollercoaster coming to EPCOT: It’s going to open on May 27th, 2022! Construction is coming along well, and most of the barriers and cones have been removed from the entrance.

Looking good!

We can’t wait to ride this coaster when it opens this summer! Some guests will get to preview the attraction before it opens, including Annual Passholders, D23 Gold Members, and select DVC members. Watch for more information about those previews, coming soon.

Click here to see the NEW commercial for this ride!

Moana: Journey of Water

Another upcoming attraction is Moana: Journey of Water, which is a walk-through attraction in World Celebration that features lively fountains and interactive elements. We don’t have an opening date yet, but it looks like construction is coming along.

Moana – Journey of Water construction

There’s a large structure taking shape in one area, although there aren’t really many recognizable features yet.

Coming along!

But it’s clear that the construction teams have been hard at work!

Click here to learn more about this upcoming attraction.

The Seas

At the Seas pavilion, one section was still closed off as the Cast Members are introducing a new species to the nursery tanks.

Closed area of The Seas

We don’t know yet what the new species will be, but we’re excited to find out when the nursery reopens!

Connections Café

Connections Café is a new quick-service restaurant opening in World Celebration sometime this spring. We’ve already learned quite a bit about the menu and offerings here, as well as some of the decor and inspiration behind the restaurant!

Connections Cafe

Calling all coffee lovers — this spot is also going to be a Starbucks location in EPCOT! Right now we can just peek at the exterior, but we can’t wait to go inside once it finally opens.


When we stopped by recently, we saw that there was some condensation on the windows. That could mean that there was some cooking going on inside — maybe a few practice meals are being tested? It’s all just speculation now, but we’re hoping that’s a sign that the restaurant will open soon!

Check out the MENU for Connections Café and Eatery here.

EPCOT Merchandise Updates

Gateway Gifts

We spotted a new Blue Castle Nightlight at Gateway Gifts.

Castle nightlight

You can get this souvenir for $16.99.

Creations Shop

Creations Shop had a LOT of new merchandise! We spotted a new “Grow Happiness” Stationery Set for $9.99, which is part of an International Flower & Garden Festival merchandise collection.

Stationery set

And speaking of Flower & Garden souvenirs, we also saw some festival phone cases! There’s a Mickey & Minnie one…

Mickey & Minnie Phone Case

…an Orange Bird one…

Orange Bird Phone Case

…and an Annual Passholder Figment one! Each phone case is $34.99.

Figment Phone Case

There was also a new collection of sleeveless Mickey Mouse shirts. There were blue…

Blue Mickey Shirt


Yellow Mickey Shirt

…and grey shirts in the collection, and each costs $36.99.

Grey Mickey Shirt

For kids, there’s a Chewbacca shirt that says “Mood” on the front. This one is $19.99.

Chewbacca Shirt

There were a couple of retro t-shirts here, including a Yellow Mickey shirt

Yellow Mickey Tee

…and a Walt Disney World shirt. Both were $24.99.

Retro Disney Shirt

If neither of those strike your fancy, maybe you’d prefer the blue Mickey “To the Castle and Back” tee for $24.99 as well!

To the Castle and Back tee

There was also a white Minnie Mouse shirt

Minnie “I Love You” Tee

…and a “Paging Mr. Morrow” shirt for $24.99 each. The “Paging Mr. Morrow” shirt is referencing the PeopleMover attraction in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland, so it seems to be a little bit lost over here in EPCOT!

Are you a little lost?

Rounding out the new shirts are a couple of Star Wars-themed tees. There’s a red one that features Lando Calrissian…

Star Wars Tee

…and a grey one featuring Darth Vader that says “Saber the Moment.” Both cost $24.99.

Grey Star Wars Tee

Of course, you’ll need some new pants to go with all of those t-shirts! There were some cropped leggings available for $39.99


…or you could go with these Mickey Lounge Shorts for $24.99.

Mickey shorts

We also spotted some new Disney princess mugs, including an Ariel one…

Ariel mug

…and a Sleeping Beauty one.

Aurora mug

Each mug was $14.99.

Art of Disney

At Art of Disney, we took some time to admire this Expedition Everest artwork, which was painted by David Buckley and costs $399.

Expedition Everest artwork

There’s also a print of Mickey Mouse at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort for $39.99.

Mickey print

Some Disney princess designer dolls were also available in this store. We saw the gorgeous Tiana doll here, which includes a beautiful gold and white gown with details that nod to Princess and the Frog.

Tiana doll

These dolls aren’t cheap, though! Each one costs $129.

Disney Traders

At Disney Traders, we found a new Captain America Shield! You can pretend to be an Avenger with this souvenir for $119.

Captain America shield

For those looking to celebrate Easter with some spring-themed merchandise, you can find a chocolate-scented (!!) Mickey Easter Bunny Plush here for $27.99. Isn’t he cute??

Mickey Easter Plush

And we also saw some new Wishables keychains. There was one for Steamboat Willie…

Steamboat Willie keychain

…Snow White…

Snow White keychain

…the Evil Queen…

Evil Queen keychain

…and Maleficent as a dragon.

Maleficent Dragon keychain

Each keychain was $11.99.


Mitsukoshi in the Japan pavilion of World Showcase is one of the most interesting gift shops in Disney World. It has all kinds of modern souvenirs featuring adorable characters (including some from anime shows and movies) as well as more traditional Japanese items like special clothing, dishes, and foods. This time, we found a new Super Mario Mushroom Lamp, which plays the sound from the video game! It’s $22.95.

Mushroom lamp

There were also Super Mario Fun Fact Coasters for $11.95.

Fun Fact Coasters

If you became obsessed with Animal Crossing a while ago (we get it), you can get some Animal Crossing Gadget Decals here for $9.95.

Animal Crossing Decals

And finally, we saw a new Dragon Ball Z backpack.

Dragon Ball Z Bag

This bag was $39.95.

Tea Caddy

At the Tea Caddy in the UK pavilion, we found a teapot-shaped “Fancy a Cuppa” purse, which is perfect for all the tea lovers out there.

Fancy a Cuppa?

This bag is $39.99.

Other EPCOT Updates

New Magic Shot

For everyone who can’t stop talking about Bruno (it’s us. We can’t stop talking about Bruno), there’s a new Encanto-themed Magic Shot available in EPCOT! You can pose with Isabela from the Madrigal family, conjuring up some gorgeous blooms! It’s a perfect way to celebrate the Flower & Garden Festival, if you ask us!

New Isabela Magic Shot

Head to the water near Journey Into Imagination With Figment, and ask a PhotoPass photographer if they have the Isabela Magic Shot.

Find this spot for the magic shot!

That’s it for our EPCOT updates this time! Stay tuned with DFB for more of the latest Disney news.

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