Universal Orlando Resort Senior Executives Address Reports of Poor Work Environment at Guest Contact Center

In a video obtained by West Orlando News, senior executives apologized to Universal Orlando Resort Team Members working at the Guest Contact Center amid reports of a toxic work environment.

The executives in the video are Fernando Flores, VP of Universal Parks & Resorts Vacations and Consumer Sales Operations, and Alice Norsworthy, President of Global Marketing for Universal Parks & Resorts. The video is at least three months old, as Flores refers to Norsworthy as the Chief Marketing Officer, and she has since been promoted to President of Global Marketing.

The video was originally sent to Team Members via email, in which Flores wrote, “Thank you for trusting with [sic] us with your honest and constructive feedback.”

The exact details of the situation at the Guest Contact Center are not clear, but the video was sent after multiple Team Member roundtables were conducted by the Fair Employment Practices Team. Flores and Norsworthy both thanked Team Members for participating in these roundtables.

“I realize and understand that we have not been providing you with the leadership and support you deserve,” Flores said in the video, “and for that, I am sorry. I know we have work to do, and we’re going to do that work.”

Flores, whose office was relocated from the backlot to the Guest Contact Center warehouse, stated leadership was in the process of putting together an action plan.

Norsworthy, recording from Universal Beijing Resort, said, “Please know that we’re all committed — I’m personally committed — to providing an inclusive environment where Team Members can thrive and where everyone’s proud to work.” She said she would be visiting the Guest Contact Center (GCC) after she returned to Orlando.

Despite the roundtables and video, West Orlando News reports that Team Members continue to quit the GCC in large numbers, and no significant changes to the work environment have been made. Senior Director Deborah Colangelo runs the GCC.

Universal Orlando Resort declined to comment on the video when West Orlando News reached out. Watch the video below.

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