REVIEW: Disneyland’s New Snack is Almost PERFECT (If You Close Your Eyes)

Disneyland is home to a lot of VERY bold and unique snacks.

Avengers Campus

Where else can you get a gigantic panini, a pickle corn dog, a GREEN corn dog, and more interesting fare than you can find elsewhere? Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure alone has its share of unique snacks, especially at Terran Treats, which has taken the churro, twisted it into a spiral, and added some interesting flavors!

We stopped by Terran Treats today to check out the latest snack there and discovered that the new Sweet Spiral Ration is described “Like a Terran Apple Streusel Churro.” Well, that sounds interesting… .

Terran Treats menu

So we ordered it and got a treat that looked…well…a little weird. These colors just don’t look natural at all! But as Belle from Beauty and the Beast taught us, looks can be deceiving, so we dug in to see how it tasted — and WE WERE SURPRISED! This snack is really good!

Well, that looks interesting…

We liked the taste of the cinnamon sugar and apple on top of the churro — this is a good flavor combo, but it’s even better on a churro. The funky-colored frosting adds just the right touch of sweetness. However, the additional cookie pieces on top didn’t offer much in flavor and were a little hard to bite into — we could’ve done without them.

It’s delicious?!?!?!

So don’t judge this churro by its photo and head on over to Terran Treats to grab one for $6.25! Also note that it is only available in the mornings until 11AM, so keep that in mind. We’ll also let you know about any other new snacks that pop up at Disneyland AND Disney World so stay tuned to DFB for more reviews!

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