REVIEW: Disney 1000% Understood The Assignment With Its Cookies & Cream BEIGNETS

Disneyland beignets are a classic and delicious park snack!

Get the sauce. Trust us.

We’ve tried all kinds of beignets ranging from spicy to cookie butter-dipped, and everything in between! We get excited each time there’s a new beignet in Disneyland because that normally means we’re due for a delicious sweet treat. Disneyland’s newest beignet is in Downtown Disney, and it was a hit!

Over at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen Express in Downtown Disney, we tried the Cookies and Cream Beignets. If the name alone wasn’t enough to convince you, then we’ll just tell you flat-out: these were amazing! You can get four of them for $12.99. These Beignets were topped with cookies and cream icing and chocolate cookie crumbles!

Cookies and Cream Beignets

We really don’t have anything bad to say about these beignets. They had a sweet and strong cookies and cream flavor that was loaded with chocolate. They were served warm, which made them even better, and the beignets themselves were delightful, not too fluffy or dense!

So yummy!

If you like chocolate or Oreos, then you have to try these! If you’re not a big fan of chocolate or cookies and cream, then these beignets might not be for you, but we think they’re worth a try!

Jazz Kitchen Express!

Stay tuned to DFB for all of the latest Disney food reviews, and we’ll keep trying everything that pops up in the parks!

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