New Disney nuiMOs Female Empowerment and Cottage Core Collections Now Available at Disneyland Resort

Two new Disney nuiMOs apparel collections debuted at Disneyland Resort this week: female empowerment and cottage core. We first found the collections in Disney Showcase at Disneyland.

Female Empowerment Collection

There were four outfits in the female empowerment collection.

Female Empowerment Outfit – $12.99

This first outfit includes a red pleather jacket and black pants with lightning bolts on them.

Female Empowerment Outfit – $12.99

The second outfit has a red ball cap, black pants, and a red tee.

The tee reads “women change the world” and has black and white striped sleeves.

Female Empowerment Outfit – $12.99

This outfit includes a red polka dot headband, white tee, denim skirt, and pink sneakers.

The tee reads “fierce” and has a tie at the bottom of the front.

Female Empowerment Outfit – $12.99

The final female empowerment outfit is a pink pantsuit complete with a handbag.

Cottage Core Collection

The cottage core collection includes three outfits and an accessories set.

Cottage Core Accessories – $12.99

The accessories are a picnic blanket and a basket.

The blanket is blue and white gingham, wrapped in a daisy-patterned velcro strap.

The brown basket has blue gingham on the inside.

Cottage Core Outfit – $12.99

This outfit has brown pants rolled up at the bottom, yellow suspenders, a blue top, and a sun hat.

The sun hat resembles a straw hat, with a blue ribbon around the center.

Cottage Core Outfit – $12.99

This outfit is similar to the one above, sans suspenders.

Instead of a blue shirt, it is a white patterned blouse.

This sun hat has a daisy-patterned ribbon with a large daisy on one side.

Cottage Core Outfit – $12.99

The final outfit is a daisy-patterned blue dress with a yellow ribbon at the waist.

It includes a blue headband with a daisy attached to it.

Will you be dressing your Daisy nuiMOs plush in any of these daisy-patterned outfits? Or putting any of your nuiMOs plush in the female empowerment clothes? Let us know in the comments.

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