Full Tour of the New Toy Story Hotel at Tokyo Disney Resort

We just wrapped up a lovely stay at Tokyo Disney Resort’s brand new Toy Story Hotel. Since, naturally, you might be interested in all of the details, we figured we’d take you on a little tour of the property. Don’t miss our tour of the rooms as well, which look just like Andy’s room from the franchise!

Entrance & Exterior

When guests arrive at the hotel, they will first be greeted by this sign made out of giant toy blocks.

The “hotel guests only” signs around the hotel are made to look like they are hand-written on notebook paper. Currently, only guests with reservations are allowed on property to control crowding.

There are giant coloring pencils instead of columns.

The sidewalk leading to the hotel has colorful bricks, and more stacks of toy blocks can be found.

There is a giant Luxo Ball in front of the hotel, perfect for photo-ops. There are domino benches around it.

Just like in Toy Story Land, giant string lights hang across this area.

The lights and their support poles are seemingly held down by giant thumbtacks.

Here is the hotel itself, which looks like an image of a colorful skyline made of building blocks, with clouds and a sun above it.

To the right, a low wing of the building extends forward to hide HVAC and other facilities. It’s painted blue with crayon-like images of clouds and army men.

To the other side of the main building is a faux cardboard tower extending out of Jessie’s Critter Cottage. This facility hides the smokestack for the power generation plant under the building, which powers this hotel and the Hilton Tokyo Bay next door.

Characters from the “Toy Story” franchise are drawn into the tower.

On the sidewalk near the entrance are the footprints of Buzz and Woody.

In front of the entrance is a large planter. The fencing is made of blocks and giant dominoes.

A sign made of toy blocks, letters, and a ruler reads “Hey, Howdy, Hey.”

The underside of the porte-cochere is themed to the box for the Slinky Dog Park board game, which is how the park outside the hotel’s entrance is themed. It even has an Al’s Toy Barn price sticker on it.

One of the columns at the entrance looks like a moving box covered in drawings and stickers. Eggman Movers was the moving company Andy used in the first “Toy Story” film.

There is more block fencing and short columns resembling the eraser ends of pencils.

At night, all the colors of the exterior are lit up in sharp contrast.

There are lights around the Luxo Ball, so photos can be taken at any time of day.

Slinky Dog Park

Before we go inside, let’s take a swing through Slinky Dog Park, which is in front of the main entrance.

This park, of course, features Slinky, but also Jessie, Buzz, and a few other characters.

Rules for the park are posted in both Japanese and English.

More string lights are hanging across the park.

Here are a few shots of the park from above, so you can see that it is the Slinky Dog Park game also featured at the entrance.

The ground looks like a game board.

There are large faux plastic trees throughout the park.

The Jessie and Buzz figures are made from the same molds as their Toy Story Land counterparts.

There is a giant Slinky Dog book.

Trixie is on a wheeled platform (but doesn’t actually move).

There’s even a giant stack of cards for the board game.

We returned to the park at night when all the colorful string lights were illuminated.

Orb lights on the ground also illuminate the park.

Slinky has a light-up dog house in the park.

Next to the dog house is a Slinky game figure.


Now let’s move inside the hotel! Next to the lobby doors are giant book covers. This one is for the “Tin Toy,” one of Pixar’s first short films.

The other one is for “Prehistoric Pals,” featuring Rex and Trixie.

Inside the hotel, there is theming from floor to ceiling.

The ceiling is a Bo Peep-themed board game.

Some of the columns resemble colored pencils wrapped in rubber bands.

Guests return their room key in a “soda candy” box featuring Jessie, near the door.

The sign for guest services resembles stands and letter pieces from Scrabble, while the desk is made of colorful dominoes.

Behind the desk is a mural of Woody, Jessie, Bullseye, and Stinky Pete playing dominoes, ostensibly from a “Woody’s Roundup” themed dominoes set.

The seating area has green carpet, while the tile floor has giant puzzle pieces.

There are solid-colored armchairs and ottomans.

There is a large blue couch, too.

The tables resemble spools or stacks of buttons.

There’s an area with several ottomans and a TV always playing “Toy Story 3”.

On the ceiling is a race track with five cars themed to “Toy Story” characters (unfortunately, the cars do not move).

Here are the Woody and Bo Peep race cars.

There is a Buzz car.

Then a Rex and Jessie car. It looks like Jessie is in the lead!

Beyond the race track is the front desk, with a sign also made out of Scrabble pieces and giant pencils taped to the ceiling.

Behind the desks is a giant light-up board that reads, “You’ve got a friend in me!” and features Rex. The pixelated nature of the board resembles vintage Lite-Brite toys.

A fidget spinner-shaped table has self-service iPads for guests checking in on the Tokyo Disney Resort App.

Each front desk is made to resemble a different kind of box. This desk, which has a shelf at the front, features Giggle McDimples and a police dog “Pawperclips.”

This desk is a craft kit featuring Dolly.

This desk is a pushpins case featuring Duke Caboom.

And this desk is an eyeglass case featuring the Bookworm.

A hallway on the right side of the lobby leads to the Lotso Garden Cafe (stay tuned for a closer look and our review) and Shop Together, the hotel’s convenience store. The entrance to Toy Friends Square is also on the left.

There are murals on the hallway walls. Here is some artwork of Mr. Pricklepants’ various plays: “The Golden Touch,” “HammPunzel” (also featuring Hamm), and “Hamalot.”

The next mural looks like it is stuck on a corkboard with stickers.

There are Ducky and Bunny and Lenny the Binoculars stickers.

The drawings stuck on the corkboard are of the hotel’s outside areas.

They look like there were scribbled on paper ripped out of a notebook, featuring the toys playing in Slinky Dog Park and the toys constructing the hotel.

There is a hidden Mickey or two hidden in the torn edge of the notebook paper.

Coin press and medallion machines are also in this hallway, past the Lotso Garden Cafe.

Gift Planet

Back near the main entrance of the hotel is Gift Planet.

Gift Planet holds all of the resort’s exclusive merchandise, which you can read more about here.

Building blocks and dominoes line the tops of shelves, with giant sticky notes reading “New Items,” denoting what’s new, which is… everything.

Sticker art of characters like the Little Green Men, Dolly, and Buttercup line the walls.

A giant mirror shaped like the rocket claw machine from Pizza Planet in the first “Toy Story” stands in the middle, allowing guests to try on accessories or ears.

Geoboards make up the ceiling, with even some shape patterns visible.

Meanwhile, the floor is designed to look like a Scrabble board.

The cash register area looks like a Little Green Men box.

Shop Together

Like most things at the Toy Story Hotel, the convenience store is themed outside like a playset. This one is called Shop Together.

We can see a pair of Mickey ears, among other little art designs.

The clock to the right is set at 11:22, representing the November 22, 1995 release of “Toy Story.”

The fare inside is pretty standard for Japanese convenience stores.

Toy Friends Square

Outside the entrance to Toy Friends Square is a statue of Little Green Men standing on building blocks.

Above is Hamm, holding one on a crane.

Below the stairs is a little crayon-scribbled Buzz Lightyear suit with the words “To Playtime and Beyond!”

The stairs declare “Toys only!” but we’re basically honorary toys.

Next to the stairs is a little invitation “pinned” to the wall reading “Join the fun! Where: Toy Friends Square” with Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.

Heading upstairs, we’re immediately greeted by Woody on the right side, with his arm resting on a Buzz Lightyear: Attack on Zurg card game box. Woody uses the same mold as seen at Toy Story Land.

Next to Woody, guests can take a picture with the card for Evil Emperor Zurg.

On the left, we see Bo Peep in her “Toy Story 4” design. This is the first appearance of a Bo Peep statue.

To her left is her sheep, with the stickers seen on them during the fourth film.

To her right, we see a card for Bullseye from a Woody’s Roundup card game.

Right behind Bo Peep is the container for Giggle McDimples, also from “Toy Story 4”.

Next to Woody is a giant Barrel o’ Monkeys, which are hanging off the Tinkertoy light support. The barrel has red lights lining the interior.

To the left, we see Wheezy in front of a songbook, which just so happens to be opened to “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” We’ve previously seen Wheezy as an Audio-Animatronic at Toy Story Land, but here he’s just static.

We also see that Wheezy’s songbook is called “Mr. Pricklepants Songs for Singing,” which contains twelve songs.

Rex gets his own card here next to Wheezy, which is number A113, another clever Pixar nod.

Next to Woody is a giant canopy, which provides a nice shade structure. Its roof is made of Tinkertoy and Woody’s Roundup Card Game cards.

While most of the terrain is faux grass, the very center of the park holds a giant Pixar ball, which is made of a more rubbery surface.

Benches throughout are made of used popsicle sticks, while the berms holding back the planters are anchored by Lincoln Logs.

Woody Elevator Bank

Naturally, with Woody’s Roundup being the origin of Woody himself, his elevator bank is themed to the classic ’50s era in-universe show. The lobby elevator bank features an all-around wallpaper with different critters and Western items. Call buttons are cleverly hidden in stagecoach wheels, and elevator direction indicators are part of the lanterns in the wallpaper.

On the room levels, the elevator banks feature a slightly more subdued look, with a giant mirror themed to Bullseye’s original box (instead of Stinky Pete, surprisingly). Jessie’s hat is also visible.

The bank features a themed carpet of blue with white ovals and stars.

Other fun details adorn the walls, with Stinky Pete making a cameo on the left. The stand for the phone (which is terribly lit) is a Woody’s Roundup AM radio.

The phone also features a Woody card.

Buzz Lightyear Elevator Bank

Buzz’s elevator bank on the other side is, of course, themed to Star Command.

The interior is wrapped with various Star Command iconography on one side and Zurg designs on the other. Call buttons and indicators are still integrated into the design, albeit less smoothly than on Woody’s side.

Upstairs, Buzz gets a design as if you’re inside his spaceship.

On the left is a Pizza Planet box for a “Jetpack Alien.”

Various Star Command and general spaceship decals line the walls.

At the center of the back is Buzz’s AM/FM radio as a stand, reflective of Buzz’s in-universe age being far younger than Woody.

Buzz also gets a themed phone.


Every room level features giant puzzle pieces guiding guests in the proper direction.

The wallpapers also contain stylized appearances from “Toy Story” characters, as well as the Star Command icon.

The carpet features the footsteps of Woody, Buzz, and Rex in various gradients that change through the hall.

The colorful carpet contrasts interestingly with the black-and-white wallpaper design.

Even the fire hose and fire extinguisher boxes look like game toys.

Cast Member Costumes

Cast Members appear in a number of different costumes around the resort; we spotted four specifically. First was this standard blue vest with series icons, including Woody’s sheriff badge, the blue sky cloud, and many more. The pattern changes from Cast Member to Cast Member, so be sure to keep an eye out!

Second, we spotted specifically at Gift Planet, which features this seafoam green base with yellow, blue, and red stripes, as well as black shoulders. Some Cast Members also bear a blue apron.

Toy Story Hotel Cast Members get their own special nametag, with this Cast Member accenting with a burst.

At check-in and around the loop, we spotted these Cast Members with red suit jackets and white shirts wearing a Pixar Ball-themed tie.

And finally, some Cast Members here and there were wearing a blue-striped vest with various starburst patterns and Pixar Ball buttons. We found this particular Cast Member at Shop Together.

You can watch our full tour video below as well.

What do you think of the new Toy Story Hotel? Let us know in the comments below!

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