Cookie SHOTS and Carrot Cake? Don’t Mind If We Do, Disney!

Easter is right around the corner and Disneyland has tons of fun stuff going on!

Disneyland Easter Cupcake!

They’re bringing out tons of cute, seasonal treats, an egg hunt, and more! We’re trying Disneyland’s Easter treats so you don’t have to, and today, we tried the Easter offerings at the Grand Californian Hotel! 

The Grand Californian has a stand in the lobby with 3 different Easter treats that we tried, so let’s get right into them! The first one was a Cookie Shot! This was a shot glass made out of either chocolate chip or double chocolate cookies with your choice of whole milk, low fat milk, green milk, chocolate milk, and strawberry milk. We went with the chocolate chip option!

Cookie Shot!

The cookie was soft, and tasted like a classic chocolate chip cookie, and and the bittersweet chocolate on the inside of the cup not only made sure that the cookie didn’t get soggy, but also balanced out the sweetness of this treat. We appreciated that it wasn’t too sweet, and we thought this was a super creative dessert! The Cookie Shot is available for $8!

We’ve seen cookie shots at Disneyland before around Halloween and Christmas, and we love these just as much as we did before! You can also get a cookie shot with your choice of alcohol for $16 — you can choose Bailey’s, Grand Marnier, Captain Morgan, RumChata, Jameson, or Godiva Chocolate Liqueur!

Have you ever taken a shot out of a cookie?

The next treat we tried was the Easter Basket Cookie! This crispy and buttery sugar cookie was covered in frosting in an adorable Easter design!

Easter Basket Cookie!

The cookie was crispy, which was nice compared to the soft frosting. The designs on the very top were a bit crunchy as well, so there were a surprising amount of different textures on this cookie! You can try it now for $12!

So cute!

The last treat we tried was the Carrot Cake! This cake was super yummy, even though it was a bit dry. It was a pretty big loaf for the price, so you can definitely fill up on this one. The edges were crisp like a brownie which we really liked, and the raisins added a good bit of sweetness!

Carrot Cake

We wished there had been more cinnamon and carrot, but the frosting totally saved this cake for us. The cream cheese frosting wasn’t overly sweet, and it had a slight tartness that we loved! You can try the Carrot Cake for $13.

So yummy!

Those are all of the Easter treats we tried at the Grand Californian! Stay tuned to DFB for all the latest Disney Food updates!

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Have you tried any of the Easter treats at the Grand Californian? Let us know in the comments! 

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