Construction Walls Down Around Connections Café and Eatery, Offering Sneak Peek Inside Before Grand Opening

The construction walls are down around Connections Café and Eatery, allowing us to get a sneak peek inside through the many large windows.

The doorways to the Starbucks and quick-service restaurant all have red and black archways.

The Eatery entrances are for the restaurant, while the Café entrances lead to Starbucks.

There’s a fork and knife symbol on the Eatery archways.

A sign indicates a Cast Members only area.

This exterior wall has a slightly raised back to act as a bench.

Inside, we can see tables and chairs.

In front of one archway was an A-frame sign indicating Cast Members were training inside.

Through this door, we can see the Starbucks counter and menu above it.

There were lots of Cast Members inside.

A lighting fixture made up of circles hangs from the ceiling.

The counters are all covered in light wood paneling.

There are multiple different styles of tables and chairs. These tables are white, and the chairs are light brown.

A kitchen is visible behind glass panels.

These tables and chairs are black.

There are some walls in solid colors like yellow and red.

This black counter with a blue wall is for returning used plates and utensils.

There are also some yellow-brown cushioned chairs in this corner.

The Café and Eatery are separated by a wall, but guests are able to walk from one to another.

Over here, we could see cushioned stools and a round couch.

On the Eatery side, we could see some of the large “Global Gathering” mural.

The mural is a “celebration of various food and beverage staples from around the world, and how we are all connected by enjoying a meal together.”

The sections we could see had green hills and mountains.

Back on the Starbucks side, we caught a glimpse of the floor inspired by Walt Disney’s original design for EPCOT.

It takes up a section of flooring leading between the entrance stairs and the counter.

Stay tuned for more coverage of Connections Café and Eatery.

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