Broadway’s ‘Aladdin’ Pays Tribute to Gilbert Gottfried

The Broadway production of Aladdin took time to remember the late Gilbert Gottfried, who passed away yesterday, at the curtain call of Tuesday night’s performance, according to Deadline.

Don Darryl Rivera, who plays Iago on Broadway, led the salute to Gottfried, who voiced Iago in the 1992 animated film the show is based on, as well as its two direct-to-video sequels, several animated series, and the theme park attraction The Enchanted Tiki Room (Under New Management). Rivera said in his tribute, saying, “I, along with five other actors worldwide, have the distinct privilege to bring Iago to life on stage, and I think one of the main reasons this character is who he is, is because of what Gilbert brought to the animated film: his comedy and that voice. That voice, that The New York Times once said, ‘sounded like a busted Cuisinart.’”

He also related a story of asking Gottfried to sign his VHS copy of Aladdin:

The first time I ever met Gilbert was on this very stage. The curtain had just come down, and up comes Gilbert from the wings and he put his arm around me and we snapped a few photos. But then, I pulled out this, the Aladdin VHS, and his eyes lit up like it was the magic lantern itself. He signed it for me and it’s still one of my most treasured possessions.

You can watch the full tribute in the video below:

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