All the Menu Changes and Price Increases That Hit Disney World Restaurants in March

So just how much has changed at Disney World in a month?

There are a few new menu items at Backlot Express!

Well, spring break crowds have arrived, there’s a brand new Disney x Coach collection, the Festival of Fantasy Parade returned, we found out a long-running Disney World show is closing permanently, and more! There has been some change at Disney World restaurants, too, including some major menu updates! So let’s get to them!

Magic Kingdom

Cinderella’s Royal Table

There have been several changes at Cinderella’s Royal Table, including the way you meet Cinderella at the restaurant. Here’s what’s different on the “Breakfast” Menu:

Under Lunch and Dinner, here’s what’s been updated:

  • Roasted All-Natural Chicken Breast has been replaced with When Will My Life Begin Chicken and Pasta — Tangled Pasta, Braised Chicken, Forest and Moss Flowers, and Pine Nut Pesto served in a Frying Pan

When Will My Life Begin

There are some changes under “Drinks,” too:

  • Royal 50th Celebration Champagne Flight decreased from $25 to $24
  • ADDED: Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider (Non-Alcoholic) — for $4.29
  • ADDED: Emotions, de la Tour Blanche, Bordeaux, France (Dessert Wine) for $59 per bottle and $15 per glass

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Le Cellier Steakhouse

Le Cellier has a new Appetizer: Shrimp and Pork Dumplings for $17, which is served with Pickled Cucumber Slaw and Sesame-Soy Drizzle Crispy Noodles.

Le Cellier

There’s also a new Poutine: Beef Stir-fry Poutine, which is made with Fresh-cut Fries, Canadian Cheddar, Stir-fry Beef, and Gravy with Asian Flavors for $15. For Dessert, you can also get the Turning Red Cake, which is Citrus and Vanilla Chiffon Cake with Raspberry Coulis and Fresh Strawberries for $13.

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San Angel Inn Restaurant

There are a few changes at San Angel Inn. If you order the Huarache Vegetariano, you can now add Add Chicken or shaved Ribeye for $8.

San Angel Inn

Also, if you order the Camarones a la Diabla, it’s now served with roasted cauliflower instead of Brussels Sprouts.

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Space 220 Restaurant

There have been some BIG menu changes over at Space 220 restaurant. So the next time you take the Stellarvator up to the space station, the menu will look a little different. Space 220 has a different prix fixe menu for lunch and dinner, and a separate a la carte menu for the Space 220 Lounge — and BOTH have changed. Here’s what’s different with the lunch menu:

  • ADDED: Steak Salad — Marinated Filet Tips with Iceberg Wedges, Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes, Chives, Blue Cheese Crumble, and Horseradish Dressing
  • ADDED: Quinoa Burger — Quinoa-Vegetable Burger served with Baby Arugula, Tomato, and Yellow Beet Citrus Mayonnaise
  • ADDED: Spaceghetti & Shrimp — Sautéed Shrimp, Spaghetti, Cherry Tomatoes, Basil, Garlic Beurre Blanc
  • ADDED: Steak & Frites — Coffee Space Rub Flat Iron served with Fries, Broccolini, and Chimichurri

Strong vegetable taste

Bluehouse Salmon

Here’s what’s changed on both the lunch and dinner menus:

  • The appetizer Space Greens is now made with Bibb Lettuce, Compressed Watermelon, Spiced Pecans, Apple Cider Dressing (previously made with Bibb lettuce, dried cranberries, roasted pears, spiced pecans, and apple cider dressing)
  • REMOVED: Roasted Free-Range Chicken
  • ADDED: Supreme Chicken Breast  — Seared Chicken Breast, Polenta Parmesan Cake, Petite Balsamic Lentils, and Basil Oil

Roasted Free-range Chicken

Under Sides, here’s what’s changed:

Brussels Sprouts

Even the desserts part of the menu has seen an overhaul

  • REMOVED: Sticky Toffee Pudding
  • REMOVED: Lemon Mousse 
  • ADDED: Short Cake — a Matcha Air Cake made with Mascarpone Mousse and Strawberries (included in the 3-course meal for dinner, $14 as lunch add-on
  • ADDED: Coconut Panna Cotta — Coconut Cream, Citrus, Lychee, Raspberries, Coconut Meringue, and Toasted Coconut

Sticky Toffee Pudding

There are also some new drinks on the menu:

  • ADDED: Orion Old Fashion —Buffalo Trace, Grand Marnier, and Chocolate Bitters for $17
  • ADDED: Stratosphere Strawberry Lemonade — Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Cointreau, Thyme Simple Syrup, Strawberry, Fresh Lemon Juice for $16

The Big Tang at Space 220

Here’s what’s changed on the Lounge menu:

  • ADDED: Shrimp Cocktail, which comes with U 10 Shrimp and Classic Horseradish Cocktail Sauce for $24
  • Florida Red Snapper was previously made with San Marzano tomato broth, fingerling potatoes, broccolini, and Sicilian tapenade and is now described as Pan Seared Red Snapper that comes with Fennel Barigoule and Potato Stew.

Florida Red Snapper

The dinner menu is also looking different:

  • REMOVED: X2 Duck
  • ADDED:  Space Glazed Duck Breast — served with Fried Jasmin Rice, Asparagus, Pineapple, and Orange Hoisin Sauce

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery

There’s a new snack at Kusafiri Coffee Shop: Spiced Potato Hand Pies, which is Fried Pastry stuffed with Seasoned Vegetables and Potatoes served with Harissa Aïoli and Coriander Chutney for $9.99.

Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery

If these are anything like the Sweet Potato Hand Pies, they’re going to be great!

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Backlot Express

Backlot Express got a menu update — which means that NEW items are now on the menu!

  • Teriyaki Tofu Bowl
  • Smoked BBQ Pulled
  • Cuban Sandwich
  • Chicken Southwest Salad

New menu items at Backlot Express!

We’ll be trying all the new stuff, so be sure to check back with us for reviews!

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Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

Rix Sports Bar & Grill

At Rix Sports Bar & Grill, here’s are the updates to “Appetizers:”

  • ADDED: Rix Bone-In Wingers — Ten Wings Tossed in Choice of Chipotle Glaze, Teriyaki, Truffle Buffalo, Carolina BBQ, or Ancho Lime Dry Rub for $20

Under “Signature Sandwiches and Favorites,” the following has changed:

  • REMOVED: Venetian Burger
  • REMOVED: Rix Signature Hot Dogs

Rix Sports Bar and Grill

Here’s what’s happening with “Desserts:”

  • REMOVED: Injectable Donut Holes
  • ADDED: Key Lime Pie — Key Lime Custard, Italian Meringue, and Graham Cracker Crust for $9

Kids’ Meals are now served with a Cuties Mandarin Orange instead of Salad. Kids also now have two new Mocktails to try:

  • ADDED: Caramel Apple — Apple Cider, Caramel, Ginger Soda for $
  • ADDED: Coco-Nut Colada — Coconut Cream, Pineapple & Lime Juice, Club Soda for $5

Injectable Donut Holes

The Breakfast Menu here has also been updated:

  • REMOVED: Brioche French Toast and Breakfast Bruschetta
  • ADDED: Healthy Start — Natural Grain Granola Cereal with Yogurt Parfait and Seasonal Fruit for
  • ADDED: Citrus & Mascarpone French Toast — Orange Marmalade & Mascarpone Cheese filled Cuban Bread topped with Fresh Berries & Vermont Maple Syrup Served with Applewood-smoked Bacon for $14.50
  • ADDED: Avocado Toast — Fresh Crushed Avocados served on Toasted Multi-Grain Bread, Over Easy Egg, and Crumbled Maytag Blue Cheese, Arugula, and Heirloom Tomato Salad for $14

Rix Sports Bar and Grill

  • ADDED: Steak and Egg Skillet — Marinated Skirt Steak, Paired with Scrambled Eggs served over Crisp Diced Potatoes with Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream, and Pico de Gallo for $19.50
  • ADDED: Bagel & Lox — Plain or Everything Bagel, Irish Smoked Salmon, Capers, Cream Cheese, and Onion for $15
  • ADDED: Bagel & Cream Cheese for $5.50
  • ADDED: Bagel & Crushed Avocado for $7.50

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Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Contemporary Grounds

If you get a Pastry at Contemporary Grounds, it now costs more — the price increased from $5.29 to $5.99.

It’s a pretty big hunk of pound cake!

That’s the only change here, though.

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Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort

End Zone Food Court

When the All-Star Sports Resort reopened on March 31st, there were some changes to the food court menu. Here’s what’s changed on the Breakfast “Entrees” menu:

  • ADDED: 50th Celebration Resort Refillable Mug for $19.99
  • ADDED: Pixar Lamp and Ball Straw for $4
  • Ham and Cheese Omelet is now served with Potato Barrels, instead of Breakfast Potatoes
  • ADDED: Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Bagel Sandwich — Bacon, Eggs, and American Cheese served on a Bagel for $6.99
  • ADDED: Egg and Cheese Bagel Sandwich
  • REMOVED: House-made Chocolate Chip Pancakes
  • House-made Mixed Berry Pancakes are now called Pancakes with Berry Compote and price increased from $12.49 to $13.49
  • Waffle Bounty Platter is now served with Potato Barrels, instead of Breakfast Potatoes and price increased from $11.29 to $12.49
  • Pancakes with Berry Compote decreased in price from $12.49 to $9.99

End Zone Food Court

The Plant-Based part of the menu has also been updated:

  • REMOVED: Chipotle Seitan Vegetable Sautee (Plant-Based)
  • ADDED: Plant-based Mickey Frittata — Plant-based Mickey-shaped Frittata with Tomato, Spinach, Onions, and “Mozzarella” served with Potato Barrels and Mixed Fruit for $10.99
  • ADDED: Plant-based Waffles — Plant-based Mickey-shaped Waffles served with Potato Barrels for $10.49
  • ADDED: Overnight Oats — Oats, Chia Seeds, Agave Syrup, Coconut Milk, Blueberries, and Walnuts (Plant-based) for $5.29
  • Oatmeal is now Steel Cut Oatmeal and price increased from $3.49 to $4.99

Here’s what’s changed under “Sides:”

  • ADDED: Side of Scrambled Eggs for $2.99
  • REMOVED: Breakfast Potatoes
  • ADDED: Potato Barrels for $2.99

End Zone Food Court

There are now two options for Kids’ Disney Check Meals:

  • Oatmeal with Dried Cranberries — Served with choice of two Sides and choice of Small Lowfat Milk or Small DASANI Bottled Water for $6.99.
  • Scrambled Eggs — Served with choice of two Sides and choice of Small Lowfat Milk or Small DASANI Bottled Water for $6.99

Also, Kids’ Pancakes with Berry Compote increased from $6.49 to $6.99

End Zone Food Court

We’ve also seen some changes for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, including the addition of Celebration Cakes:

  • Milk Chocolate Cake — Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache and Chocolate Mousse with your choice of Engraving Options. Serves 4 to 6 Guests for $39.
  • White Chocolate Cake — Vanilla Cake with White Chocolate Ganache and White Chocolate Mousse with your choice of Engraving Options. Serves 4 to 6 Guests for $39

The “Bakery” menu was revamped. Here’s what’s different now:

  • ADDED: M&M’S® Sugar Cookie for $3.49
  • ADDED: Brownie Bites for $4.99
  • ADDED: Apple Danish or Cherry Danish for $4.29
  • ADDED: Coffee Cake for $4.29
  • ADDED: Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Muffin for $3.79
  • Croissant increased from $3.29 to $3.79
  • ADDED: Chocolate Chip Cookie for $3.49
  • ADDED: Glazed Doughnut for $2.29

End Zone Food Court Bakery pre-closure

Under “Desserts,” here’s what’s changed:

  • ADDED: 50th Anniversary Dessert — Raspberry Cheesecake with a Rose Gold Champagne-infused Glaze on an Almond Cookie for $5.99
  • REMOVED: Milkshake, Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich, Ice Cream Sundae, Mickey Ice Cream Sundae, Brownie SundaeMickey Gelato Sundae, Create-Your-Own Ice Cream Sundae, Single Scoop Sugar Cone or Cup, Single Scoop Waffle Cone
    , and Double Scoop Waffle Cone
  • Strawberry Fruit Bar increased from $3.69 to $5.39
  • REMOVED: Orange & Cream Bar and Olaf Frozen Lemonade-Strawberry Bar
  • ADDED: Mickey Cupcake Cookies ‘n Cream
  • ADDED: 50th Anniversary Celebration Macaron for $4.49
  • ADDED: Plant-based Allergy-Friendly Cupcake — Chocolate Cupcake with Vanilla “Buttercream” and Chocolate Shavings for $5.29

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Grandstand Spirits

The pool bar menu got some updates, too:

  • REMOVED: Bourbon and Strawberry Sour
  • ADDED: Bourbon Breeze — Jim Beam Black Extra-aged Bourbon with Cranberry, Lime, and Pomegranate Juices topped with Fever-Tree Ginger Beer for $16
  • Poolside Iced Tea increased from $15 to $16
  • Sunshine Margarita increased from $14 to $16

Grandstand Spirits

  • Banana Cabana increased from $13 to $15
  • Blueberry Lemonade increased from $13 to $15
  • Strawberry Margarita increased from $15 to $16
  • REMOVED: Coco-Jito
  • ADDED: Cucumber & Mint Vojito — Ketel One Botanical Cucumber & Mint, Lime Juice, and Pure Cane Sugar topped with Soda Water for $15

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Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Centertown Market

We spotted a price increase at Centertown Market: Soft-serve Ice Cream went up from $4.49 to $4.99.

Centertown Market

The following are no longer available here: Blue Marble Bloody Mary, Blue Marble Margarita, and Blue Marble Mojito.

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Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

Trail’s End Restaurant

We noticed some changes over at Trail’s End for Breakfast:

  • Yogurt Parfait is now Strawberry Yogurt Parfait with Berry Granola (plant-based version available on request)
  • Pioneer Mimosa increased from $13 to $14
  • Mimosa increased from $12 to $14

The Breakfast Skillet!

The dinner menu also got updated:

  • Oven-Fresh Bread Basket has been replaced with Skillet Cornbread with Honey Butter (plant-based version available on request)
  • Smokehouse Skillet has replaced the andouille with Pulled Pork
  • REMOVED: Covered Wagon Sundae
  • ADDED: Mason Jar Dessert — Lemon-Blueberry Trifle

Covered Wagon Sundae

Under Plant-Based, the following changes have been made:

  • Oven Fresh Bread Basket is no longer served with Pimento Spread and Strawberry Spread — instead, it’s served with Plant-based Butter Spread
  • Smokehouse Skillet no longer has Gardein Chick’n — instead, it has Cauliflower

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Disney’s BoardWalk Inn

Pizza Window

You can now get a Side Salad for $4.49 as a side at the Pizza Window.

Boardwalk Pizza Window

That’s the only update here!

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Disney’s Old Key West Resort

Olivia’s Cafe

Both Olivia’s Cafe and the Gurgling Suitcase have switched their Conch Fritters to Shrimp Fritters because the latter is more sustainable. These are sweet cornbread fritters made with chopped shrimp and a mix of herbs and spices, all served with a honey mustard sauce on the side.

New shrimp fritters!

The shrimp fritters are $13.

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Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Landscapes of Flavor

If you plan on having breakfast at Landscapes of Flavor, here’s what has changed:

  • REMOVED: Breakfast Sandwich
  • ADDED: Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Bagel Sandwich — Bacon, Eggs, and American Cheese served on a Bagel for$6.99

Landscapes of Flavor

  • ADDED: Egg and Cheese Bagel Sandwich — Eggs and American Cheese served on a Bagel for $5.99

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge


If you’re ordering breakfast for a child at Sanaa, you’ll need to know about one price increase: the Kid’s Explorer Platter increased from $4.99 to $6.99.


That’s the only change here, though.

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Disney Springs

House of Blues

Over at the House of Blues, we’re seeing the following changes under “Appetizers”

  • Price to add Chicken to BBQ Nachos increased from $4 to $5 and option to add Pulled Pork is now available for $5
  • Voodoo Shrimp increased from $16 to $17
  • Crispy Wings increased from $15 to $16
  • Carolina Mess increased from $13 to $15

House of Blues Sign

Under “Specialty Cocktails,” the following has been updated:

  • Beast of Bourbon increased from $13 to $14
  • Barrel Aged increased from $13 to $15
  • Crossroads Cadillac Margarita increased from $13 to $15
  • Rock Me Hurricane increased from $13 to $15

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Terralina Crafted Italian

Brunch is now available at Terralina Crafted Italian:

  • ADDED: Omelet — Asparagus, Sun-dried Tomato, Fresh Mozzarella, and Prosciutto accompanied by Fresh Fruit for $18
  • ADDED: Bloody Mary — Spiced Mozzarella, Pepperoni, Pickled Green Tomato, and Marinated Olives for $18
  • ADDED: Bread Pudding French Toast — Fresh Berries and Powdered Sugar for $16
  • ADDED: Omelet — Potato Planks, sautéed Spinach, Garlic, and Tomato-Olive Vinaigrette for $17

Terralina Crafted Italian

You can also now get a Mimosa Flight with Cranberry Orange, Strawberry Hibiscus, and Grapefruit Rosemary for $22. We will have reviews on these items SOON!

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The Edison

There’s a new Kids’ Starter at The Edison: it’s a Market Salad with Tomato and Apple.

The Edison

That’s the only update here for the month!

We Went To A Masquerade Ball At The Edison — See Photos Here!

Raglan Road

The lunch menu at Raglan Road has changed:

Florida Key Lime Salmon ©Disney

The Dinner menu has even more changes:

  • ADDED: Now You’re Talkin’ Chicken Sandwich — Fried buttermilk chicken breast, hot sauce, scallions, shredded pickled slaw, truffle aioli, and grated parmesan for $22
  • The Four Provinces beer flight increased from $10 to $10.50
  • Cream of the Crop beer flight increased from $11 to $11.50
  • Raglan Road Signature Collection increased from $11 to $11.50

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Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar

There are a few new boozy options available at Jock Lindsey’s, including a new cocktail. It’s called the Hail Marty and it’s made with Colonel E.H. Taylor and Jr. Small Batch Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whisky Bottled in Bond served with an Ice Sphere for $24.

Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar

You can also now get Kirin Ichiban Lager for $8.

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Local Green Orlando

A brand new food truck has moved into Disney Springs. It’s called the Local Green Orlando and it specializes in vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian food. The menu starts with “Entrees:”

  • Rapper’s Delight — Salmon Philly for $16.99
  • Oh Boy — Beyond Burger for $15.99
  • Monsta — Shrimp Burger for $15.99
  • Badu — Kale/Quinoa Wrap for $13.99
  • Bubba Spanx — Pulled BBQ Sandwich for $13.99

Badu Wrap

There are also some Sides available here:

  • Elote Street Corn for $5.99
  • Air Fries for $5.99

We’d come here just for the fries, TBH!

Drinks include a variety of Smoothies (Cell Therapy and Kryptonite) for $9.99Lemonades (Green-Hito and Strawberry) for $4.99, and Bottled Water for $3.99.

The menu!

For Kids’ there’s the Lil’ Meal, which is a Beyond Cheeseburger and Fries for $7.99.

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Swirls on the Water

AristoCrepes has closed and a new snack spot has taken its place. That new spot is Swirls on the Water, which offers up some delicious Dole Whip treats! The menu includes a choice of Soft-Serve Swirls that changes daily, specialty offerings like Dole Whip Habanero Lime Nachos, a 50th Celebration Cone, and a Dole Whip Flight.

Dole Whip Flight

If you miss the AristoCrepes bubble waffles, though, don’t worry — you can still get those at the Marketplace Snacks booth.

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Disney Springs

Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Beverage Bar

We’ve got a LOT of changes over at the bar at the Coca-Cola store. Here’s what’s different:

  • Bottle – 20 oz increased from $3.50 to $4
  • smartwater – 20 oz increased from $3.50 to $4
  • vitaminwater increased from $4 to $4.50
  • REMOVED: Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee
  • ADDED: Full Throttle and NOS,  for $4.50
  • REMOVED: Fairlife Milk
  • ADDED: ICEE Float –ICEE® & ice cream served in a collectible cup for $12

Coca Cola Store and Rooftop Beverage Bar

  • ADDED: Peanut Butter Chocolate Cold Brew — Costa® Cold Brew, peanut butter syrup, chocolate syrup, whipped cream & peanut butter cup for $8
  • Genuine Tumbler with Lid – 17 oz increased from $7.95 to $8.95
  • REMOVED: Polar Bear Stein – 14 oz
  • REMOVED: 1971 COLLECTION- Perfect Harmony
  • ADDED: Fizzy Cucumber — Sprite Cucumber, Vodka, Cucumber garnish for $13
  • ADDED: Coke Zero Mojito — Coca-Cola Zero, Bacardi® Rum, mint, lime juice for $14
  • Floating Coca-Cola Cherry increased from $5 to $7
  • REMOVED: Mimosa
  • ADDED: Blackberry Fresca Paloma — Fresca Zero, Vodka, Blackberry Syrup for $14
  • Fanta Wave increased from $13 to $14
  • ADDED: Spiked Peanut Butter Chocolate Cold Brew — Costa® Cold Brew, Kahlúa, peanut butter syrup, chocolate syrup, whipped cream & peanut butter cup for $15

Orange Cream Float

  • Beverly’s Revenge increased from $13 to $14
  • REMOVED: Sinatra Select
  • ADDED: Chocolate Coca-Cola — Coca-Cola, chocolate syrup, whipped cream for $7
  • ADDED: Blackberry Fresca — Fresca Original Citrus, Blackberry Syrup, Orange Slice for $7
  • ADDED: Peanut Butter Chocolate Coca-Cola Float — Coca-Cola, ice cream, peanut butter syrup, chocolate syrup for $7
  • ADDED: Cherry Cucumber Sprite — Sprite Cucumber, cherry syrup, cherry for $7
  • ADDED: Fanta Sea — Fanta Blue Raspberry, Minute Maid® Lemonade, fish gummies for $7
  • ADDED: TaB Lemon-Lime — Tab muddled with Lemon and Lime for $7
  • ADDED: Inca Kola and Lime — Inca Kola, Simple Syrup, fresh Lemons, and Limes for $7

Coca-Cola Store

  • Peanuts increased from $1 to $1.50
  • ADDED: Cheddar Popcorn for $4
  • REMOVED: Nacho

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Vivoli il Gelato

There are NEW gelato flavors at Vivoli il Gelato. Here’s what’s happening under Gelato and Sorbet:

  • ADDED: Dulce de Leche
  • REMOVED: Salted Caramel
  • REMOVED: Yuengling Chocolate Porter
  • Mini-Cup increased from $6 to $6.25
  • One Scoop increased from $7 to $7.50
  • Two Scoops increased from $8 to $8.75


There are some changes with the Floats, too:

  • REMOVED: Lemon Vs. Lime
  • ADDED: Brown Cow Coke Float — Vanilla gelato, Coca Cola, chocolate sauce, whipped creamm and cherry for $12
  • ADDED: Nitro Cold Brew Float — Nitro cold brew, vanilla gelato, and whipped cream for $12
  • REMOVED: The Blue Moon

Rose Sangria Float

Here’s what’s new under Beverages:

  • ADDED: Powerade for $4.50
  • REMOVED: Orange Juice
  • ADDED: Sparkling Coffee for $5

Here’s Our Most Recent Review From Vivoli il Gelato

Typhoon Lagoon

Leaning Palms

If you’re headed to Typhoon Lagoon, you’ll need to know about some changes. Here’s what we saw at Leaning Palms:

  • Island Crunch Chicken Sandwich is now served with just Tortilla Chips (previously had an option of tortilla chips, apple slices, or french fries) and price increased from $10.29 to $11.29
  • REMOVED: Chicken Breast Strips 
  • ADDED: House-made Cauliflower for $4.49

Leaning Palms

  • Kids‘ All-Beef Hot Dog is no longer served in Sand Pail with shovel and price decreased from $9.29 to $7.29
  • Kids’ Turkey Sandwich on Whole-Wheat Bread is no longer served in Sand Pail with shovel and price decreased from $9.49 to $7.49
  • Kids Chicken Rice Bowl is no longer served in Sand Pail with shovel and price decreased from $9.99 to $7.19
  • Kids Individual Cheese Pizza is no longer served in Sand Pail with shovel and price decreased from $9.29 to $7.29
  • Frozen Tropical Hurricane Lemonade increased from $14 to $15

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Lowtide Lou’s

We’re seeing similar changes on the Kids menu over at Lowtide Lou’s — the sand pail with shovel is no longer available. Here are all the updates there:

  • Turkey Sandwich on Whole-Wheat Bread is no longer served in Sand Pail with shovel and price decreased from $9.49 to $7.49
  • PB&J Uncrustable  is no longer served in Sand Pail with shovel and price decreased from $8.69 to $6.49

Lowtide Lou’s

Under Alcoholic Beverages, here’s what we’re seeing:

  • ADDED: Cutwater Whiskey Mule for $10
  • ADDED: Cutwater Bloody Mary for $10
  • REMOVED: Blue Marble Marg or Mojito
  • Frozen Black Cherry Lemonade increased from $14 to $15

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Whew! That is a LOT of updates, but we’ll continue to keep an eye on Disney World menus and let you know when things change. So stay tuned to DFB for more!

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