What’s New at Disneyland Resort: ALL the Ice Cream and Churros and…EPCOT Merchandise?

Welcome back, DFB friends! We’re here with another What’s New at Disneyland Resort!

Disney California Adventure!

And, we’ve got A LOT of food and merchandise updates to share with you. After all, who doesn’t love snacking AND shopping? Especially when it’s at Disney! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s jump right on in!

Disneyland Food Updates

Royal Street Verandah

First up, we decided to pick up some of the Bacon Cheddar Jalapeño Fritters. They were so good, ESPECIALLY when dipped in the cheese sauce that came with them (hey, you know us!).

Crispy goodness.

These are seasonal, so if you want to try them, grab them before they’re gone for $5.99.

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Disneyland Merchandise Updates

Pioneer Mercantile

And, now for all that shopping — we’ve got A LOT to cover! First up we spotted this new Play In The Park Tee.

Play in the Park Tee

It highlights a ton of fan-favorite attractions in the parks and costs $24.99.

China Closet

Brace yourselves, folks — the Disney World 25th Anniversary Birthday Cake Castle has come back as a Mug! Guess we’re never going to be able to forget about it, huh?

Do you love it or hate it?

You can cement the infamous castle into your memory and pick this mug up for $22.99.

See More Photos of the Birthday Cake Mug HERE!

Disney Clothiers

Want to dress to the nines for your park day? This gorgeous Minnie Mouse Polka Dot Dress would be perfect for an evening out! It’s $128.


And, if you need an accessory to pair with it, how about this red Minnie Bows Purse?

Minnie Bows

It costs $39.99.

Disneyland’s NEW Minnie Mouse Display Just Made History! See How!


Want the latest Stitch Crashes Disney collections? You can find two of the plushes at the Emporium! There’s the Stitch Crashes Pocahontas Plush

Stitch Crashes Pocahontas Plush

…and a Stitch Crashes Peter Pan Plush. Both plushes are $29.99 each.

Stitch Crashes Peter Pan Plush

You can also get a cute Stitch Pillow for $59.99.

Stitch Pillow!

And, there’s also a Disneyland Tank Top for $36.99

Tank Top

…a Happiest Mom On Earth T-shirt for $36.99

For all you Disney moms!

…and a Denim Mickey Loungefly Wallet for $50.

It’s denim!

We found some new mugs too, including a cool Leia and R2-D2 Mug that reveals more of the scene when you fill it with a hot drink. It’s $19.99.

Princess Leia’s message

There’s also a cool Colorful Stormtrooper Mug for $14.99

Stormtrooper Mug

…and a pretty Beauty and the Beast Mug.

Beauty and the Beast

This mug is $14.99.

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Mad Hatter

The Alice In Wonderland Minnie Ears for $29.99 have officially arrived and you can find them at none other than Mad Hatter!

Curiouser and curiouser

You can also now grab the Class of 2022 Graduation Minnie Ears!

Here’s to you, Class of 2022!

These ears are $29.99 each.

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Merlin’s Marvelous Miscellany

A new shop has opened up at Disneyland and it’s full of Easter Eggs that should keep any diehard Disney fan busy for DAYS. Oh, it also has LOTS of merchandise.

Peter Pan and Tinker Bell Merch inside Merlin’s Marvelous Miscellany

Be sure to check out when you get a chance!

Click Here To Learn More About The New Shop

Disney Showcase

If you need a simple tank top for your park day, check out this Mickey Sunglasses Tank Top for $36.99.

Mickey looks cool

And, some Turning Red merchandise is here, too, to celebrate the release of the movie on Disney+ like this Sweatshirt for $54.99

I accept all labels!

…and a Relax Pocket Tee for $36.99.


You can also rep Princess Tiana with some new Sweatpants for $44.99

Tiana Sweats!

…and pick up the matching Sweatshirt for $49.99.

Choose Your Destiny

Or go classic with this black Mickey Mouse Tee.

Classic Mickey

This t-shirt is $44.99.

We Found A Pair Of Crocs in Disneyland That Are LOST!

Star Trader

How about a Hawkeye Beanie for $21.99? It’s pretty subtle, but true Marvel fans will know exactly what you’re repping.


And, Star Wars fans can find the new Lando Calrissian T-Shirt.

Space capes are cool

The Lando Tee is $24.99.

Mickey’s Toontown is Now CLOSED in Disneyland for Reimagining! See Photos!

Disney California Adventure Food Updates


We’re starting our Disney California Adventure dining journey at none other than Schmoozies! Here we tried ALL the new seasonal drinks at Schmoozies including the Berry Vanilla Shake ($8.99)…

VERY sweet

…the Watermelon Lemonade ($5.49)…

Watermelon Lemonade

…the Chocolate Peanut Butter Affogato ($6.49)…


… and the Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake ($8.49).

Chocolate peanut butter HEAVEN

We weren’t too fond of the Berry Vanilla Shake (we found it too sweet), but the Watermelon Lemonade was refreshing and the Chocolate Peanut Butter drinks blew our minds — if you love Reese’s, head to Schmoozies NOW.

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Pacific Wharf Cafe

More FOOD? Yes, please! In Disney California Adventure there are a couple of seasonal goodies at Pacific Wharf Cafe right now, including Hearty Chili in a Sourdough Bread Bowl for $11.49. It’s made with  Beef, Beans, and Tomatoes simmered with Spices, and it is DELICIOUS with just a hint of a kick.


The Lemon Blueberry Bread Pudding has also returned for the season for $5.99 — it’s a warm Lemon-Blueberry Bread Pudding filled with Lemon Cream Cheese, topped with Whipped Cream, Lemon Sauce and Blueberries. We’re happy to report it’s still quite tasty.

Lemon Blueberry Bread Pudding

Both of these snacks are available for a limited time, so hurry on over to California Adventure to grab them.

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Cozy Cone Motel

Excuse us, but there is a Bananas Foster Caramel Churro available, and we can’t even. It’s a Disney churro dusted with cinnamon-banana sugar and served with a banana-infused caramel sauceTrust us, you’ll want to try it.

This was HEAVENLY!

Disneyland just knows how to do churros, right? This one is available for a limited time for $6.29.

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Disney California Adventure Merchandise Updates

Elysian Arcade

In the newest episode of lost Disney merchandise, we recently spotted some EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival merchandise available at Disneyland. Why not?

EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival…at Disneyland.

Want even more mugs? There’s another Beauty and the Beast Mug available here, along with…

Books and roses

…a Tinker Bell Mug

Never too old to believe in fairies!

…and a Peter Pan Mug.

I can fly!

All mugs are $14.99 each.

EPCOT’s Flower & Garden Festival Crocs Are Seriously Lost

Five and Dime

Add a touch of Disney to your bag with this Believe Bag Charm for $9.99


…or you can pick up the Mickey and Minnie Love Keychain instead!


There’s also a Mickey Ear Hat Bag Charm available too.

Mickey Ear Hat!

All of the charms are $14.99 each.

Big Top Toys

There’s just something about those classic Disney movies, right? Well, you can now take home a genie plush with this Limited Edition VHS Aladdin Plush.

You ain’t never had a friend…

This special plush is $27.99.

Elias & Co.

And, we found the MOTHERLODE of Turning Red stuff here! There’s a Baseball Cap for $24.99

Red Panda Cap

…a Kids Tee for $19.99


…a 4-Town Tee for $29.99

4*Town Forever!

…a Red Panda Bowl for $29.99

Adorable bowl!

…a Pillow and Blanket Set for $34.99

Most cuddly pillow ever

…and Kids Slippers for $19.99.


Not interested in all the Pixar merch? How about some Play in the Park Leggings for $39.99?

Fun leggings

And, if you ever wanted to watch Baby Yoda eat, there’s now a Snackin’ Grogu Toy that does just that. What will they think of next? This Grogu is $89.99.

Watch Baby Yoda eat

We also found this super cool Kids Star Wars Tee.


The tee is $24.99.

Backlot Shop

Now you can represent your favorite Avengers with new jewelry by Alex and Ani! There’s both an Iron Man Bangle

Iron Man

…and a Captain America Bangle.


These bangles are $49.99 each.

Only True Experts Will Recognize ALL of the Easter Eggs in Disneyland’s Newest Shop — Will You?

Seaside Souvenirs

We also found some fun pin sets at Seside Souvenirs, like the Be You Pin Set for $17.99

Be You!

…a Minnie Bow Pin Set for $17.99


…and a Fruit Pin Set!

Feeling fruity?

This pin set is $19.99.

Would YOU Try Disney’s Unnaturally Colored Corn Dog?! We Gotta Know.

Rushin’ River Outfitters

We’re digging the style of this Minnie Mouse Hoodie for $64.99

Minnie is so fashionable

…but if you’re not into the zip-up sweater, there’s also a cute Minnie Sweatshirt with a puffed sleeve detail!

Love these sleeves!

The sweatshirt is $44.99.

No Show Policy Now Enforced for Disneyland Magic Key Passholders — Click Here For More Details

Knick Knack’s

Grab a Pizza Planet T-Shirt for $36.99

Pizza Planet!

…and pair it with these Pizza Planet Shorts.

Matching Shorts

They are $36.99.

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Midway Mercantile

If you’ve got little kiddos then you might want to check out the new Born Luckey Jessie Onesie from Midway Mercantile.

Born lucky!

It’s $19.99.

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Downtown Disney Food Updates

Salt & Straw

Over in Downtown Disney, Salt & Straw brought back their cereal-flavored ice creams, so, of course, we had to try ALL FIVE (for research!). We started with a flight of four: Peanut Butter Cheer Yo ClustersPots of Gold & Rainbows (bottom right), Cornflake Cookies with Marionberry Jam (top right), OffLimits’ Cocoa Puffs ‘n Cold Brew (top left), and Snap and Crackle Marshmallow Treats (bottom left). A flight of four kid-sized scoops is $14.75 and each scoop comes with its own little piece of waffle cone.

The best of four worlds in one handy container!

But, that’ wasn’t enough for us! We also picked up a cup of the Peanut Butter Cheer Yo Clusters.

One more scoop!

So what did we think? Well, it’s ice cream, and we’re screaming for it — you can check out our review of them all here!

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Downtown Disney Merchandise Updates

World of Disney

To help you carry around all your park essentials, there’s a new Mickey Sling Bag for $34.99 available in World of Disney.

Sling bag

And, here you’ll also find a new Play in the Park Keychain

Play in the Park keychain

…along with a Keychain Set for $14.99

Keychain Set

…a Play in the Park Magnet

Play in the Park Magnet

…and a Disneyland Magnet.

Disneyland Magnet

Grab a Dalmation Plush for $29.99


…an Encanto Chispi Plush for $22.99


…or a Encanto Parce Plush for $24.99.

Parce, the Jaguar

And, since you’re likely traveling from somewhere to get to Disneyland with your kiddos, you can keep them entertained with the new Cars Travel Art Kit.

How fun!

The art kit is $29.99.

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The Dress Shop

Calling all Dooney & Bourke fans! The new Dooney & Bourke Pixar Collection has officially arrived at The Dress Shop!

Pixar ALL over these bags

We also found this Limoncello Tote for $39.99


… and an Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy T-Shirt for $29.99.

Easy peasy

We found some more EPCOT merchandise in Disneyland! The Queen of the Kingdom collection is also available here and the new Tote recently arrived.

Queen of the Kingdom Tote

It costs $39.99.

Here’s All the Food, Merch, and Live Music at Disneyland Resort for Women’s History Month!

Disney Home

You can now get Winnie The Pooh Herb Markers for $19.99 in Disney Home…

Time to plant our herb garden!

…and we also found a Mickey-shaped Pet Food Mat for $19.99.

What puppy or kitty wouldn’t love this?

You can get ready for springs with this Minnie Tray too!

So very SPRING

The tray is $17.99.

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Pin Traders

Alright, are you ready for some new pins? We’ve got the Winnie the Pooh 45th Anniversary Pin for $17.99

45 years of Pooh!

…the Our Transformation Story with Maleficent Pin for $19.99


…the Beautiful Florals Mulan Pin for $19.99

Beautiful Florals with Mulan

…the Dopey Spring Pin for $19.99


…and the Turning Red Pin.

Turning Red Pin

This pin is $15.99.

Stan Lee Receives Avengers Campus Dedication at Disneyland Resort — See Photos

Whew — that is a LOT of updates, but we’ve covered it ALL! Of course, we’re always on the lookout for more, so be sure to stay tuned to DFB for all the latest updates on Disneyland’s food, merchandise, construction, and more!

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