REVIEW: We Wish We Could Buy This Disney CHEESE Soup By the Gallon!

We’re live from the 2022 Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival!

Sonoma Terrace

Sonoma Terrace is back again serving up special snacks for this year’s popular festival — and we tried the NEW items so we could tell you all about them!

While Sonoma Terrace will still be serving their normal menu, they’ve added a special dish just for this year’s fest!

Sonoma Terrace DCA Food and Wine Festival Menu Item

Let’s go check it out!


There’s only one festival item on this menu, but it’s a two-fer — the Old World Aged White Cheddar Lager Soup with Toasted Fig and Prosciutto Sandwich. 

How it comes packaged

We’ll start with the soup. Okay, so Disney can get us with cheese soup, and this one is no different. It’s VERY cheesy (which is important in a cheese soup), super thick, and has a nice creamy texture. We’re going to tell you this right now — it’s one of the better things we’ve had at the festival so far! This soup is similar to the soup we saw at the 2019 festival — we loved it back then, too!

This soup is an A+

BUT (and you knew that was coming, right?), the sandwich is where we became confused about this dish as a whole. Fig is the main flavor here, and it’s also a little too sweet for a sandwich. The bread, though, was HARD and the prosciutto was dry. Even dipping it in the soup didn’t make it any better.  So we kinda’ wish we could JUST get the soup here.

Soup and sandwich combo

If you’d like to try this, though (and maybe don’t mind a sweeter sandwich), it’s available for $7.50.

We’re glad we stopped by this counter-service spot to check out this festival food! If your mouth is watering just reading this, you have until April 26th, 2022 to get to the festival and try it!

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Will you be trying this festival exclusive item at Sonoma Terrace? Let us know in the comments!

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