REVIEW: Obsessed with Avocado Toast? Here’s Where You Should Go at the 2022 Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival

We may be in Disneyland Resort, but we’re not here for our normal old churro review or seasonal treat check-in. Instead, we’re back for the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival! It’s been a busy time around here lately; in Disney World, the Flower & Garden Festival just started, but now it’s time for Disney California Adventure to shine!

Who’s hungry?

We’re back this time to take a look at the Pacific Wharf Cafe! This isn’t technically one of the official Food & Wine Festival booths, but there is a special item on the menu during the festival.

The Pacific Wharf Cafe is a fun little quick-service dining location known for bread bowls, sandwiches, and shrimp rolls!

Hello from the Pacific Wharf Cafe!

During the festival, guests can also check out a limited-time snack!


Currently, guests can order Avocado Toast at the Pacific Wharf Cafe.

2022 Pacific Wharf Food and Wine Festival item

Avocado Toast is one of those things you can eat pretty much any time of day — it’s a versatile little snack!


Avocado Toast is sort of a CA staple, so we’re so happy to see this on the menu! It’s made with Smashed Avocado on Toasted Sourdough Bread, Fire-roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Mozzarella, Cilantro, and Balsamic Reduction for $7.99.

Avocado toast from Pacific Wharf

The balsamic reduction is definitely the strongest flavor present here, with not much flavor being added by the avocado. The toasted sourdough is the perfect delivery system for all the toppings and was delicious!

We thought this was a tasty and fresh dish!

The mozzarella and cherry tomatoes with balsamic reminded us of a Caprese salad, but the addition of the cilantro made the toast taste really fresh. We did think it could have used a little salt, but we’d definitely get this dish again!


Stop by the Pacific Wharf Cafe if you’re an Avocado Toast LOVER! Our meal was light, fresh, and delicious. Be sure to keep following DFB; we’ll be checking out all the booths at this year’s festival.

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