REVIEW: If Strawberry Milk Was Your JAM as a Kid, You’ve Got to See Disneyland Resort’s New Drink

Hello from the 2022 Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival. We’ve been trying out all kinds of delicious eats, but now we’re after one special drink!

California Adventure Food & Wine Festival

Cocina Cucamonga is getting in on the festival action. This quick service dining location is serving up a special drink just for this year’s fest — let’s check it out!


Don’t worry — you’ll still be able to order the full menu at Cocina Cucamonga during the Food and Wine Festival!

Cocina Cucamonga

But they added a NEW drink to the menu for this occasion.

Cocina Cucamonga Menu

Let’s check out the Strawberry Horchata!


You can get regular Strawberry Horchata at this location for $5.99. This is a house-made rice and cinnamon beverage with strawberry sauce on top.

But you can also add spiced rum to the drink! The alcoholic version is $14.

Strawberry Horchata with Spiced Rum

We thought this drink was pretty good. It essentially tastes like chilled milk with a hint of cinnamon. We did order ours with rum, and we couldn’t really taste the alcohol. We could feel the kick from the rum, but there wasn’t a lot of extra flavor from it.

Strawberry Horchata

The strawberry sauce tasted like artificial flavoring, so that wasn’t our favorite. If you love creamy, milky drinks, this might be perfect for you! But it felt a little too heavy, especially after we’ve been trying some lighter and more refreshing drinks at this festival.


If you love horchata, this is a fun and fruity twist on the original. It was a little too heavy for our taste, but we think that it’d be a great choice if you want a sweet and filling drink! It’s available now through the end of the festival on April 26th, so hurry on over if you want to try it. And don’t forget to stay tuned to DFB for more Disneyland food news.

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