New Limoncello Merchandise Available Arrives at Italy Pavilion in EPCOT

The Italy Pavilion in EPCOT has a new line of limoncello-themed merchandise that first arrived at Disneyland Resort.

We already showed you the new Minnie ear headband, but now let’s look at the rest of the apparel and kitchenware.

There are some non-Disney lemon themed items available too, so we’ll just be focusing on merch that has that familiar Mickey head.

These can be found in La Bottega Italiana.

“Saluti!” Tee – $24.99

This baseball-style tee is white with dark blue sleeves.

A lemon with a Mickey head is on the front, with the words “Limoncello” and “Saluti!”

“Limoncello!” Tee – $29.99

This yellow tee says “Adoro il Limoncello!” around some lemons.

“Italy” is on the sleeve.

Limoncello Sun Hat – $29.99

This straw sun hat has a blue ribbon around the center.

“Limoncello” is embroidered on the brim. “Saluti!” is printed.

The ribbon ties into a bow at the back. It is patterned with Mickey lemons.

It offers UV sun protection.

Limoncello Tumbler – $27.99

This travel tumbler is white and patterned all over with Mickey lemons.

“Italy” is in black script on one side.

It includes a plastic reusable straw.

The other side has a large Mickey head made of lemon slices.

“Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy” Tee – $29.99

This tee is a muted blue color.

It says “easy peasy lemon squeezy” in black script around a Mickey head of lemon slices.

“Italy” is printed on the back beneath the collar.

Limoncello Magnet – $9.99

This magnet says “Limoncello” and “Saluti!” It features a lemon with a white Mickey head on it.

Limoncello Keychain – $12.99

There are several charms on this keychain. One says “Italy” and another says “Limoncello!”

There is a lemon with a Mickey head on it and then the largest charm is three lemon slices creating a Mickey head.

Limoncello Tank – $34.99

This white tank has an all-over print of Mickey lemons.

Limoncello Apron – $34.99

The apron is solid dark blue on top, has a yellow waist ribbon, and is dark blue with a white pattern on the bottom.

“Limoncello” and “Saluti!” are printed on the chest, along with a Mickey head of lemon slices.

The bottom is also covered in Mickey lemons.

Limoncello Coaster Set – $24.99

This set includes four ceramic coasters wrapped in a ribbon.

Each coaster has a different design from the lemon collection.

Limoncello Kitchen Towel Set – $24.99

There are two towels in this set.

One is yellow and reads “Limoncello” and “Saluti!”

It has Mickey lemon slices against a detailed blue stripe along the bottom.

The other towel is blue with an all-over pattern of Mickey lemons and white designs.

Limoncello Jug – $29.99

This small jug is perfect for pouring olive oil.

It’s light blue with different Mickey lemon designs on the side.

Limoncello Plate Set – $22.99

This set includes four plastic plates. The top plate is blue with white designs and Mickey lemons.

The other plates have different designs, but they are wrapped with a white ribbon in a stack and the tag didn’t show what the other designs are. They may be the same as the coasters above.

Limoncello Serving Tray and Mugs – $64.99

This set includes one circular serving tray and four mugs.

The tray is white with blue and yellow designs.

Two of the mugs are white while two are dark blue. They all have Mickey and lemon designs on them.

Limoncello Spoon Rest – $9.99

This spoon rest is light blue.

It says “Limoncello” and “Saluti!” on the handle.

A trio of lemon slices are in the spoon rest spot.

Limoncello Trinket Tray – $14.99

This small tray specifically says it is not for food use. It would be good for small trinkets though. It’s white with blue and yellow designs around the outside. It says “Adoro il Limoncello!” next to Mickey lemons in the center.

Will you be giving your kitchen a limoncello theme with this new merchandise? Let us know in the comments.

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