REVIEW: We Gotta Stop Talking About Bruno For One Second to Talk About THIS EPCOT Festival of the Arts Booth

It’s the first day of EPCOT’s Festival of the Arts, and we’ve been eating SO MUCH food!

This festival is SO colorful

We’ve tried lobster jello (yeah, really!), a delicious margarita, and some awesome seafood! Now, we’re trying out a booth that got a little update this year! Come with us as we check out Vibrante & Vívido: Encanto Cocina!

Vibrante & Vívido: Encanto Cocina draws inspiration from Disney’s most recent animated film, EncantoThis year’s menu is full of new items, but also some returning treats, like the Passion Fruit Mousse with Dragon Fruit Jam.

Let’s go!

There are also some colorful beverages available here, like the Coconut and Passion Fruit Smoothie and the Passion Fruit Daiquiri.

2022 Menu

You may remember that last year, this booth drew inspiration from Mary Blair, but this year the booth is a little different! Everything on the menu sounds delicious, so let’s see how things taste!


We’re SO excited to try out these new dishes because this spread looks pretty impressive!

We started out with the Spicy Ajiaco Soup which has guajillo and árbol chili-spiced chicken, potato, avocado, corn, and crème fraîche for $6.25.

Spicy Ajiaco Soup

This was so tasty and it was pretty spicy! We loved the heat from the broth.


We also got a huge piece of corn, which is awesome, and the chunks of avocado were a great contrast to the spice of the soup.

So much flavor!

Next, we got the House-made Chorizo and Potato Empanada. This is a House-made Chorizo and Potato Empanada with turmeric aïoli and annatto aïoli for $6.50. This is also the dish for the color yellow on the Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine!

It’s also so pretty!

This is a HUGE serving! The chorizo is deliciously spicy and there is lots of potato inside.


The aioli this comes with is also outstanding and went great with the empanada. We’re giving this one a big A+ for the large serving size AND the flavor!


Next, we got the Passion Fruit Mousse with Dragon Fruit Jam for $5. We LOVED this last year, and now, it’s got a totally new look now to go along with the theming! We have to say, it’s gorgeous!


But, how does the dessert hold up compared to last year?

It sure does look good!

You’ll be happy to hear that this is still very good! Obviously, you have to like fruity desserts, and specifically passion fruit, to enjoy this, because that’s the predominant flavor. So, if you do, you’ll find this treat delightful.

That’s a nice cross section!

Now, for some drinks!


We grabbed the returning Frozen Piña Colada to try for $13, which is alcoholic. So, this wasn’t exactly frozen like you think it would be. It’s more of a slush or like the consistency of blue milk over in Galaxy’s Edge. But, the flavor was fantastic! It had a strong coconut flavor and was sweet, but not sickly sweet, so it was very enjoyable.

If You Like Piña Coladas…

Also returning to the booth and available as an alcoholic beverage is the Passion Fruit Daiquiri for $14. You really can’t taste the alcohol in here, but again, you gotta like passionfruit!

Passion Fruit Daiquiri

And, if you want something non-alcoholic, you can grab the returning Coconut and Passion Fruit Smoothie for $4.75. This one is refreshing, but you don’t get a ton of coconut flavor, it’s more passion fruit!

Coconut and Passion Fruit Smoothie

Honestly, all of these drinks make us want to go hang out at the beach!


With the new additions to the menu, we think that this booth is absolutely amazing and a must try! If you want bold flavors and colors, spice, and exciting dishes, this is for you. Also, the drinks are very refreshing on a warm day! We’re also happy to see the highly Instagrammable mousse back on the menu!

Just beautiful!

Stay tuned to DFB as we continue to make our way around the festival and bring you reviews!

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