Review: We Drank an Apple Pie at EPCOT’s Festival of the Arts and We Have Some Questions.

We LOVE when Disney thinks outside of the box, and that’s exactly what happens during the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts! When Figment is the ambassador of the festival, you know that there’s going to be tons of creativity and color. But there’s one booth in particular that FULLY embraces the fun and whimsy that Figment encourages, and it’s called The Deconstructed Dish.

2022 EPCOT Festival of the Arts Passport

This DFB-favorite food booth was originally introduced back in 2018, and it’s consistently remained a fan-favorite every year since then! The Deconstructed Dish takes delicious foods we know and love and, well, deconstructs them!

We were so happy to hear that this location was returning to the festival this year, and we HAD to visit the booth to see what was new!

2022 Booth


Last year, The Deconstructed Dish offered a slightly modified version of their old Deconstructed Reuben and brought back the Deconstructed BLT, which we LOVED. This year, there are some NEW additions to the menu, like a Deconstructed French Onion SoupDeconstructed Key Lime Pie, and Deconstructed Apple Pie à la Mode to drink!

2022 Menu

Everything sounds quite intriguing — so let’s eat!


Returning this year is their Deconstructed BLT for $7, made with Crispy pork belly, soft-poached egg, brioche, watercress espuma, and tomato jam. This was a standout dish at last year’s Festival of the Arts; in fact, it was one of our favorites! The pork is tender and juicy, and the tomato jam worked great with the other components of the dish and was a good balance of sweet and savory.

2021 Deconstructed BLT

Next up was one of the NEW items at Deconstructed Dish, the Deconstructed French Onion Soup for $6.50! It’s made with beef broth ravioli, Gruyère espuma, onion bread pudding, and onion textures.

Deconstructed French Onion Soup

When you expect French Onion Soup and you’re handed what appears to be a large plate of ravioli, you’re bound to be a little confused — but this kind of presentation is what Deconstructed Dish is all about! Still, we found the dish to be a bit odd.

Deconstructed French Onion Soup

When we “popped” the ravioli we expected soup to come gushing out in a very dramatic fashion, but nothing really happened! It TASTED like French Onion Soup with a nice, rich beef flavor and caramelized onion…but we would have preferred, as Adam Driver would say, “good soup.”

Deconstructed French Onion Soup

Up next is a new dessert — the Deconstructed Key Lime Pie for $4.75, with flexible key lime curd, a “Key lime” mousse, graham cracker cake, and meringues.

Deconstructed Key Lime Pie

The Key Lime “Pie” was fabulous! The mousse was nice and tart and we loved the graham cracker cake! Overall, this was a very refreshing and tasty dessert option.

Deconstructed Key Lime Pie

For drinks, there’s the Deconstructed Apple Pie à la Mode for $4.50! This non-alcoholic sweet concoction is made with apple-cinnamon gelato, cinnamon apple cider, apple pie filling, and streusel.

Deconstructed Apple Pie à la Mode

We were very curious to see how this turned out — but unfortunately, it fell a little flat. The best way to describe it is an Apple Seltzer with a crumble on top. Our reporters agreed that this was a very bizarre dish. It comes in a cute Deconstructed Dish-branded cup, however, so that was a plus!

Deconstructed Apple Pie à la Mode

You can also try the Short’s Brewing Bellaire Brown Ale! They offer a 6oz. pour for $5 and a 12oz. pour for $9.


Deconstructed Dish is one of the booths that FULLY embraces the spirit of Festival of the Arts — taking conventional food and drink items and reinventing them into creative, wonderful works of art! While some of the dishes didn’t knock it out of the park like we had hoped, there were still some memorable bites that we would totally revisit and try again in the future!

Deconstructed Dish

The food and beverage options here are so fun and unique; it’s no wonder this location is always at the top of our list! You can find this food booth in Showcase Plaza in EPCOT, so be sure to head over to give these foods a try! Stay tuned to DFB throughout the day, because we’ll be reviewing the entire Festival of the Arts.

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