REVIEW: This Bizarre Disney Flavor Combination Actually Worked!

A lot of people choose to visit Disney World over Disneyland Resort, and they’re missing out on so many delicious treats!

Disney California Adventure

Today we got to eat some AMAZING Mickey beignets in Disneyland, and now Disney California Adventure has a really unique sweet treat that you might need to try!

Smokejumpers Grill is a quick service spot in Disney California Adventure, where you can typically find eats like burgers, chicken sandwiches, loaded fries, and more. They had a brand new shake today that we had to try — and it’s an unusual flavor combination.

Smokejumpers Grill

The River Shake debuted today! It’s a Blue Raspberry Shake made with Chocolate Cookie Crumbles, flavor-filled Boba, Whipped Cream, and Gummy Candy. Yum!

River Shake

We were kind of nervous that this combination wouldn’t work, but we really enjoyed it! We thought it tasted like a combination of a blue raspberry icee and an Oreo shake. If you like gummies, you get quite a few gummies on top of the whipped cream!


Some of the sips only had blue raspberry flavor, while other sips were just vanilla and Oreo chunks. Sometimes we’d get a sip with both flavors at once! Any sips with the boba gave us a really sweet and fruity flavor. Note that this shake is really sweet!

A closer look

If you’re not a fan of these flavors, either separately OR together, you could probably skip this. Also, if you’re not a fan of sweet treats, go ahead and try something else.

It’s sweet!

You can find the River Shake at Smokejumpers Grill for $8.99. Keep following DFB for more Disney news from Disney World AND Disneyland!

We didn’t think we could love Mickey beignets more, then Disneyland did this!

What do you think of this new shake? Tell us in the comments!

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