Insta Worthy or Drool Worthy? Disney Went for Both With This EPCOT Festival Booth

In case you  missed it, we are LIVE from the first day of the 2022 EPCOT Festival of the Arts.

WELCOME to the 2022 EPCOT Festival of the Arts!

There’s so much to do at this festival, including take in the incredible art, try out some fun activities, and watch amazing entertainment. But of course, what gets us the most excited is the FOOD. And this EPCOT festival has some of the most unique food out there. We’re here right now with a review of a BRAND NEW food studio!

Deco Delights is a brand new food booth at this year’s festival, so we’ll be trying out all of the tasty treats on the menu.

Deco Delights Food Studio 2022

This booth is all about the desserts, and we can’t wait to dig in.


You’ll find Deco Delights near the Port of Entry shop, which is right at the entrance of World Showcase. The concept here is Art Deco, so the menu features some delicious sweet treats inspired by that art style. And everything here is NEW!

Deco Delights Menu 2022

This is one of the booths we’ve been most excited about, so let’s dive right into those delicious treats, okay?


The first treat you’ll find here is the Dulce Chocolate Mousse with chocolate crémeux and dark chocolate truffle for $5.25. Seriously, you had us at chocolate. And boy, is that a LOT of chocolate.

Dulce Chocolate Mousse

This treat surprised us with a chocolate salted graham cracker layer at the bottom, which adds a great crunch to the soft textures. On top of that is a moist vanilla cake, which is filled with the salted dulce de leche mousse. It’s all topped with a dark chocolate truffle. That truffle is pretty bitter, but if you eat it with the rest of the dessert, it balances the flavors well. There’s a dollop of chocolate pudding served on the side, which pairs well with the sweet dulce mousse.

Dulce chocolate mousse

Overall, we enjoyed this treat and all of the different flavors, but we wish there were more textures going on. Besides the graham cracker everything was really soft, so it could’ve used a bit more crunch.

chocolate pudding

Next up is Valrhona Chocolate with dark chocolate mousse, a chocolate brownie, and cassis mousse for $5. Wait, MORE chocolate? We’re in!

Decadent Valrhona Chocolate

First of all, the brownie in this treat is everything that we want a brownie to be — very moist and fudge-y with a rich chocolate flavor. The mousse on top is very sweet, which contrasts well with the dark chocolate ice cream on the side. The raspberry sauce on the plate is nice and tart, which cuts through all the rich chocolate flavors. The purple gloss that covers the brownie and mousse is very sweet and tastes kind of like fondant but with more of a jelly texture.

Inside the Valrhona chocolate

But, wait, there’s more! There’s a THIRD sweet treat here — it’s the Orange Mousse with lemon cake and raspberry meringues for $4.50. Okay, so this is totally healthy (don’t @ us) because it’s got a lot of fruit in it. That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it. Side note: isn’t this treat gorgeous??

Orange Mousse with lemon cake and raspberry meringues

The Orange Mousse was our favorite thing at this booth! There’s a buttery shortbread cookie on the bottom, which goes really well with the orange mousse on top. The little raspberry meringue kisses are nice and tart, and the lemon cake on the side is citrus-y and fresh.

Our fave

There are a lot of fresh flavors going on here, which we loved. Our only complaint is that the cake was a little bit dry, but it wasn’t so dry that we didn’t want to eat it. We ate it together with a bite of the mousse, which helped!

Here’s a peek inside

Whew — that’s a lot of sweets, y’all. But we’ve got a few choices of beverages to wash it all down with.


There’s a choice of three drinks to choose from here: The Strawberry Blonde Nitro, the Vanilla Porter, and a Milk Stout. Each are available for $5 for a 6oz pour or $9 for a 12oz pour. OR you can get all three in the Neapolitan Beer Flight, which is what we did! This flight costs $10.

Neapolitan Beer Flight

The Strawberry Blonde Nitro didn’t taste like strawberry at all to us. Instead it was more of a normal dark nitro beer, similar to a Guinness or Porter. The Vanilla Porter was really tasty! It was very strong on the vanilla, so we really only wanted a little bit. But we definitely enjoyed the flavor, and it went well with the other drinks in the flight. The Milk Stout was the only light beer, and it tasted a little bit tart. This one reminded us of an IPA.


In general, we thought this was a very fun booth with some seriously pretty desserts. There are options for all kinds of flavor palates, from the rich Valrhona Chocolate to the light Orange Mousse. Our favorite was that Orange Mousse, but we weren’t sad about anything we tried here!

Deco Delights Spread

We’re eating and drinking our way around ALL the food studios at the EPCOT Festival of the Arts, so stay tuned for more reviews!

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Will you be visiting Disney World during this festival? Let us know what you’re most excited about trying in the comments!

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