Has This EPCOT Festival of the Arts Booth Finally Redeemed Itself?!

We’re eating our way around one of EPCOT’s prettiest festivals at this year’s Festival of the Arts.

The 2021 Festival of the Arts

We’ve already tried some delicious (and BEAUTIFUL) eats, but we’re not about to stop! The next Food Studio that we’re hitting is in the Italy pavilion — it’s L’Arte di Mangiare, which features (what else?) Italian cuisine. This booth didn’t exactly wow us last year, so let’s see if they’ve raised their game for 2022.

There are several returning eats as well as a couple of new items at L’Arte di Mangiare this year.


A couple of returning items on the food menu include Arancini for $14 and Bomboloni for $11, but the Ravioli alla Boscaiola for $13 is new this year.

L’Arte di Mangiare Menu

The drinks are all returning. You can choose from several different options of wines, sangria, cocktails, and more.


Arancini is fried risotto balls that have been stuffed with braised beef and served with a Pomodoro sauce.

2021 Arancini

Last year we thought that this dish was pretty bland, with a strange tangy flavor coming from the sauce. We were bigger fans of the lobster ravioli, which this year has been replaced with Ravioli alla Boscaiola. This new dish is sweet sausage ravioli, served with mushrooms, caramelized onions, and a creamy Parmesan sauce. And surprise — we LOVED the ravioli! To be fair, we also love sausage and mushrooms, but the creamy dressing and the caramelized onions are also delicious. Mushroom fans, take note! There are some big mushrooms on top and even some mushrooms inside the sausage.

Ravioli alla Boscaiola

For dessert, the Bomboloni have returned! This year’s version are cream-filled Italian donuts that have been topped with powdered sugar, served with espresso anglaise. We thought the donuts were just fine, as they’re basically just your typical cream-filled donuts with green powdered sugar on top. We actually liked them more without the espresso cream, which adds some sweetness and coffee flavor.


Would you try either of these dishes?


To drink, you can choose from a long menu of wines, Sangrias, cocktails, and more. For wines, there’s Peroni Pilsner for $6 for 6oz and $10 for $12, Pinot Grigio for $10, Chianti for $10, Prosecco for $10, Rosa Regale for $11, and Moscato for $11. The sangria options include Italian White Sangria with Prosecco for $11 and Italian Red Sangria with Cabernet Sauvignon for $11.

Italian White Sangria

You can also try a returning cocktail, such as the Italian Margarita with Tequila and Limoncello for $11, Amaretto Bellini: Amaretto, White Peach Purée, and Prosecco for $13, or Bergamotto: Rosolio Liqueur, Prosecco, and Olive for $16.

Italian Red Sangria | 2021 Festival of the Arts L’Arte di Mangiare

We’ve loved the sangria options here in the past, including the Italian Red Sangria with Cabernet Sauvignon and the Italian White Sangria with Prosecco. 

Prosecco | 2021 Festival of the Arts L’Arte di Mangiare

The Prosecco is a very dry drink, so it’s great for anyone looking for a dry bubbly!


We were really impressed with the new Ravioli dish! It was fresh and delicious, so if you like mushrooms and sausage, you should definitely give it a try. We think everthing was very fresh and we were impressed with the comeback this booth made this year!

Keep following DFB, because we’ll be checking out ALL of the Food Studios at the 2022 Festival of the Arts and letting you know which new and returning items are worth getting.

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Which of the treats from L’Arte di Mangiare would you try? Let us know in the comments.

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