Disney’s Newest Treat Is Super Extra…And We’re Not Mad About It

Hey, we’ve got a secret for you.

Hello, Disneyland!

Turns out, some of the BEST Disney snacks aren’t in Disney World at all. If you want to get some fantastic treats that you won’t find in Orlando, you’ll have to head to the OG Disney park, because Disneyland’s snack game is next level. But we just found a NEW treat in this park that sort of confuses us. It’s a little crazy and definitely over-the-top — but does it live up to Disneyland’s great treat reputation? Let’s check it out.

You can find the newest dessert at Galactic Grill in Disneyland, which is located in the Tomorrowland section of the park.

Tomorrowland in Disneyland

The treat is a Pistachio Cherry Chocolate Parfait, which is made with layers of pistachio mousse, red velvet cake, tart cherries, and chocolate flavor-filled boba pearls. NGL that sounds like a little much. The whole vibe reminds us of the new Book of Boba Fett series on Disney+, but maybe that’s just the boba pearls on top?

Very colorful!

Honestly, the crazy mix of flavors and textures in this parfait was NOT the garbage fire that we were kind of expecting. We were pleasantly surprised when it actually tasted really good!

A lot going on here

On top there were crispy pearls mixed into the chocolate-filled boba. The boba was different (we usually see it as fruity flavors on desserts, so the chocolate was surprising), but we enjoyed it!

Boba pearls

The red velvet cake was good, and the pistachio mousse was creamy and light with a subtle pistachio flavor. The “tart cherry” bit tasted a little artificial to us — it wasn’t actual cherries, more like a gooey cherry-flavored jello. We’re not big fans of artificial cherry, but if you like cherry-flavored candy, this might be your jam.

Cherry jello thing

Overall, there were 5 different flavors and textures happening at once, which was probably too much for one dessert in our opinion. But there were parts of it that we really enjoyed, and nothing really tasted bad.

Ready for a bite?

In fact, those flavors took us back to Christmas in 2019, when Disney World had a Cherry Pistachio DOLE Whip float, which included frozen hot chocolate. Is the cherry-pistachio-chocolate combo making a comeback? This Disneyland spot certainly seems to think so.

We’ve seen these flavors before… .

So if you want to try this slightly crazy treat, head to the Galactic Grill to get the Pistachio Cherry Chocolate Parfait for $6.99. And keep following DFB for more of the latest snack updates from all the Disney parks!

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