ALL of the Seven Dwarfs are Getting their Own Treats in Disney World!

Disney World is currently celebrating its monumental 50th anniversary!

Minnie Mouse in her 50th Anniversary getup!

Recently, Disney announced that some of the 50th anniversary treats in Magic Kingdom would no longer be available and would be replaced by new foods. And, while we’ve seen that happen around the park today, one treat is actually being added to instead of being taken away!

Remember the Seven Dwarfs Specialty Cone over at Storybook Treats in Fantasyland? When it debuted back in November, it was cranberry-vanilla soft-serve ice cream in a cone, decorated with a chocolate belt buckle and a white chocolate face of Grumpy.

Seven Dwarfs Cranberry Cone

It was a pretty uniquely-flavored treat for Disney, which is why we were sad to see it go! But, guess what?! It’s not gone for good, because instead of Grumpy being replaced by something else, he’s actually just being joined by all of his brothers! Yep, we now get ALL SEVEN Dwarfs as ice cream cones!!

Look at all of them!

But, the catch is that they’re not all available at once. From our understanding, there will be a certain Dwarf character featured each day and they will have their own seasonal flavors and cone colors.

Who will be next?!

So, if you’re over in Magic Kingdom, you just have to ask a Cast Member at Storybook Treats if the featured cone for the day is themed to Grumpy, Dopey, Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sneezy, or Sleepy! Today, the cones were still themed to Grumpy, but there will be a new one tomorrow.

Check with the Cast Member to see what today’s flavor is!

And, like with the Grumpy cone, this treat will still be $5.99. Stay tuned to DFB as we check out all the new treats in Magic Kingdom for the 50th anniversary!

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Which Dwarf character do you hope to get when you’re at Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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