15 NON-NEGOTIABLE Disney World Snacks

More so than probably ANY place on Earth, Disney World is a MECCA of iconic snacks and treats! From Mickey Pretzels to Dole Whips, it’s the ULTIMATE noshing paradise!

We love you so much

This is all well and good, but it poses a conundrum for those of us with limited time in Disney World. Which snacks are absolute MUSTS?! If you’ve got a limited budget OR limited time, listen up!

Thankfully, you’ve got us! We’ve sipped, noshed, and nibbled our way through every food Disney has presented us and have the best of the best. The ones we’d feel like we failed you if you DIDN’T know about. Your absolute, one true MUST-EAT list for Diisney World.

Mickey Beignets

Allow us to present our list of 15 absolute NON-negotiable Disney World snacks!

Cheshire Cat Tails

If you’re like us, and icing is your favorite food group, then the Cheshire Cat Tail is bound to be your favorite food basically…ever.

Cheshire Cat Tail

Found at Cheshire Cafe in Magic Kingdom, it’s a perfectly flakey braided pastry filled with chocolate and drizzled with lots of icing on top, in Cheshire-esque purple and pink!

Doesn’t this make you hungry?!

It’s as pretty as it is surprisingly simple! It’s really just a twisted up chocolate croissant with icing but if we don’t chomp into one of these (and likely end up with shatters of pastry all over us!) did we even GO to Magic Kingdom?! It’s deliciously sweet without being TOO cloying AND IT’S SO COLORFUL! For a sugary snack on the go in Magic Kingdom, it’s a must.

Click here to admire the beauty that is a Cheshire Tail with us!

The Grey Stuff Cupcake

Another sugary staple in Magic Kingdom? The Grey Stuff, of course! 

The Grey Stuff

Obviously, this Beauty & the Beast-inspired snack is instantly iconic for the movie reference alone, but it’s LEGIT tasty too! Previously, you could only get it at Be Our Guest, but it’s now on the menu at the much-easier-to-get-into Gaston’s Tavern in cupcake form!

Grey Stuff Cupcake

Sure, a grey-colored cupcake might sound less than appetizing, but don’t judge the book by the cover (or the cupcake by its color!), because this dessert tastes MUCH better than it might look, made with a chocolate cake base, candy pearls, and a chocolate square! The actual “grey stuff” is a cookies and cream mousse and it’s seriously good.

Try not to lick the screen looking at the Grey Stuff Cupcake here!

Gideon’s Bakehouse Cookies

Ever since it opened earlier in 2021 in Disney Springs, Gideon’s Bakehouse has emerged as the de facto dessert destination in ALL of Disney World!

Gideon’s Bakehouse

Known for their EPIC cookies, we’re constantly blown away by how amazing each and every flavor is! Seriously, this place can do no wrong. They’re like the Adele of super-sized cookies!

Kringle Kringle Holiday Cookie from Gideon’s Bakehouse

Some of our favorites in months past have been the Key Lime Cookie, the white chocolate Kris Kringle Cookie, and the kaleidoscopic Frankenstein Cookie, which makes us wish it was Halloween year round!

Frankenstein Cookie

But like we said, you literally can’t go wrong with ANY of the cookies from Gideon’s Bakehouse!

Click here to see the gloriousness of these 1/2 pound cookies!

Num Num Cookie

Just because we’re fully obsessed with the cookies from Gideon’s Bakehouse doesn’t mean we don’t have room in our dessert-loving hearts for more cookies! Case in point: the Num Num Cookie

Jack Jack Num Num Cookie

We’ve gone on record to call this one of the single BEST cookies in Disney World, and we stand by that claim. It’s a humble-looking snack from The Market in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but it DEFINITELY lives up to its NUM NUM name!

How do you make THIS extra yummy?

Super big and SUPER tasty, they come in cute polka-dot paper, they’re deep-dish-style cookies LOADED with big ol’ chunks of chocolate, and for any chocolate chip fan, this might be a game-changer. Either come VERY VERY hungry or prepare to share — this thing is BIG.

Check out how YOU can make Num Num Cookies with our step-by-step guide!


Tater tots and nachos are two of our favorite comfort food snacks of ALL time, so what happens when you combine the two? Our minds are collectively blown, that’s what!


It should come as zero surprise that the Totchos at Woody’s Lunch Box in Disney’s Hollywood Springs are among our FAVORITE snacks in the parks. It’s a crispy-crunchy-ooey-gooey mix of tater tots (or potato barrels), beef and bean chili, shredded cheese, queso, tomatoes, corn chips, sour cream, and onions. ‘Nuff said!


Crispy potatoes and cheesy goodness? What’s not to love?! The ONLY way we’d improve on this snack is deep frying the tots (they’re oven-baked) to really up the crispy factor.

Learn about the joy of Totchos here!

Spring Rolls

Buffalo chicken, pepperoni pizza, and cheeseburgers are all some of the ULTIMATE crowd-pleasing flavors, and they only get BETTER when you wrap them as spring rolls and get ‘em crispy!

Spring rolls

Such is the magic of the Magic Kingdom’s Spring Roll Cart, a snacking sensation at the entrance to Adventureland!

Spring Roll Cart

We’ve long been fans of the staple flavors — Cheeseburger and Pepperoni Pizza — and you KNOW we freak out when Buffalo Chicken makes a periodic guest appearance! They’re full of warm, gooey fillings, usually come with a really great dipping sauce to match, and we basically inhale them whenever they cross our path. No matter what’s on the menu, you’re gonna need these in your life. 

Click here to see the special 50th Anniversary Spring Rolls! 

Corn Dog Nuggets

Speaking of things that are fried, we need to talk about Corn Dog Nuggets.

Corn Dog Nuggets

A fixture at Casey’s Corner in Magic Kingdom, this is a snack we’re so obsessed with that we were on FULL Corn Dog Nugget alert the entire time the restaurant remained closed.

The vessel for our plastic cheeeeese

So imagine our giddiness when Casey’s reopened, officially reuniting us with Corn Dog Nugs in our happy place! And we happily united them with a corn dog nuggie’s absolute favorite accessory (what, you don’t talk to your corn dog nuggs to learn more about them?): plastic cheeeeese! Dunked in cheese sauce, savory snacking doesn’t get much better than these mini corn dog bites!

Let’s all admire these Corn Dog Nuggets together.

Cheeseburger Pods

Spring rolls aren’t the only things we want our cheeseburgers wrapped in! We’ll also accept steamed buns!

Cheeseburger Pods

One of the BEST snacks in the parks, Cheeseburger Pods are the star of the menu at Satu’li Canteen in Animal Kingdom!

All that yumminess in a Bao bun

It’s easy to understand why. They’re literally yummy bao buns stuffed with a well-blended mix of ground beef, ketchup, mustard, pickle, and cheddar cheese. It’s cute, it’s snacky, it’s quirky, it’s perfect.

Yes please

We’ll take a dozen.

Can’t make it to Animal Kingdom? Make Cheeseburger Pods at HOME! Click here!

‘Ohana Bread Pudding

During the extended closures in 2020, perhaps the single snack we missed the MOST was the ‘Ohana Bread Pudding. It was full-on TORTURE not having regular access to this incredible dessert!

No better way to end the night!

But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, it came back to us, and it’s just as perfect as we remembered!


Pineapple bread: check. Ice cream: check. Banana caramel sauce: check. (OK, so we actually haven’t seen bananas bobbing in our caramel sauce since the reopening, but we’re keeping our eyes peeled!) Ooey-gooey goodness: CHECK CHECK. This thing is seriously a special experience, and it’s one dessert you NEED to try at least once! Can’t get a reservation for the full dinner at ‘Ohana? Head to neighboring Tambu Lounge. It’s available at the bar after 4PM!

Check out the full ‘Ohana spread in our review here!

‘Ohana Noodles

Clearly, ‘Ohana knows a thing or two about habit-forming snacks, because ANOTHER can’t-miss menu item we can’t get enough of is their NOODLES


We seriously can not get enough of these noodles, with just the right amount of sweetness and an amazing balance of flavor!

Delicious ‘Ohana Noodles!

However, this is one snack that has been a bit of a roller coaster for us, popping up on different menus and disappearing at random, triggering utter panic. When ‘Ohana announced they were reopening WITHOUT NOODLES? Well, it wasn’t pretty.

We love you, ‘Ohana noodles

BUT, Disney quickly rectified the situation. Noodles for ALL (well, if you make a reservation!). We’re also relieved to know that they’re BACK on the menu at Tambu Lounge, with the added convenience of not needing to get a reservation at ‘Ohana! For the record, they’re still on the ‘Ohana menu, it’s just more of a hassle to finagle a reservation.

Click here to see these perfect noodles in their natural habitat!

School Bread

One of the more unique and singular snacks in Disney World might also be the stuff that foodie dreams are made of.

School Bread

We speak, of course, of the adorably named School Bread from Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe in EPCOT’s Norway Pavilion.

Oh hi!

Don’t worry about pronouncing the bakery name; just order one for a sweet snack and sink your teeth into the fluffy sweet roll filled with custard and dipped in coconut. (Don’t let the “custard” throw you — it tastes like thick, rich vanilla mousse!)

School Bread with Bruni

It’s kind of like a yeasted donut mixed with a coconut cream pie. Just typing that out is enough to make our mouths water… . 

Click here to appreciate the beautiful simplicity that is School Bread!

Caramel Popcorn

While you’re on a snacking marathon in EPCOT, you’d better not miss a stop in the Germany Pavilion for the PERFECT salty-and-sweet treat! (It’s kind of hard NOT to stop — this pavilion is oozing with sweet caramel-y smells ALL THE TIME!)

Caramel Popcorn

The Caramel Popcorn from Karamell-Küche hits all the sweet spots for a successful snack: it’s crunchy, it’s sweet, it’s salty, and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to stop eating!


It’s cooked up fresh all day long. If we could invent scratch-and-sniff internet, we totes would for this. Cause wow. It’s so good, guys. If we could fill a duffel bag with this stuff, we gladly would!

Click here to check out the nummy Caramel Corn in EPCOT!

Dole Whip

What? You thought we’d forget to mention the KING of Disney World snacks?


How could we compile a list of non-negotiable Disney World snacks without bowing down to the iconic Dole Whip, an absolutely VITAL treat from Aloha Isle in Magic Kingdom! Sure, you can get different Dole Whip variations in other locations, but this is the O.G., and we gotta respect it.

Dole Whip!

It’s one of the Disney World snacks with its own historical timeline, and it’s easy to understand the universal appeal. The classic pineapple-flavored soft-serve (which is also vegan!) is refreshing, tangy, tart, sweet, and smooth in ALL the right ways!


Clearly, it’s been quite a successful snack for Disney, considering the endless variations that constantly pop up pretty much everywhere… .

Let’s all learn about the history of this iconic snack here!

Nyala Brownie

Now it’s time for a snack that’s MUCH less known than Dole Whip, but no less life-changing!

Nyala Brownie

The Nyala Brownie is the QUEEN of all brownies in Disney World, found at The Mara in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. We’re not ashamed to admit that we freaked out when it returned


One look at this thing and you’ll understand why. It’s a Mickey-shaped brownie with peanut butter buttercream AND vanilla buttercream! It’s perfectly moist, and the buttercream layers are THICK! Bonus points for frosting thickness, forever and always. If you love your PB&J, you’ll want to make the trek to Animal Kingdom Lodge like NOW.

Click here to see our favorite Disney World brownie!

Mickey Beignets

When it comes to other Mickey-shaped snacks, there’s one treat that is woefully underrated: the Mickey Beignet!


These fluffy New Orleans-style donuts are a rare treat in Disney World, only really found at Disney’s Port Orleans – French Quarter Resort, which is why we made a BEELINE to Scat Cat’s Club Cafe when the hotel reopened!

A Port Orleans French Quarter treasure 💜

They’re AMAZING by themselves, HEAPED in powdered sugar, but if you’re really feeling wild, you can get a beignet sundae (!), or even a boozy option with the Baton Rouge Beignets

Beignet sundae omg

No matter how decadent you choose to get, this is one Mickey-shaped snack you need in your Disney World dining itinerary.

Click here to watch us be reunited with Mickey Beignets!

Honorary Mentions

We could go on and on and on with Disney World snacks you should totally eat, but like we said, this is meant to be the short listed must-eat foods. But we’d be remiss not to shoutout some staple snacks that have endured the test of time to become omnipresent fixtures throughout the parks.


These include Mickey Pretzels, Mickey Waffles (even R-rated ones), churros, and cupcakes, from fudge-filled faves to one filled with toffee cheesecake!

It’s perfect.

Whether you’re looking for something ICONIC (ahem, Dole Whip) or something a little less known (looking at you, Nyala Brownie), you can’t go wrong with ANY of these Disney World snacks! In fact, they’re pretty much non-negotiable.

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