Everything First Aid Centers Can Do For You in Disney World

Of course, everyone wants their Disney World vacation to be as perfect as they’ve dreamed, but sometimes things happen. 

First aid centers are located in each park

Sometimes people get sick or have an incident, and when that happens it might be time for some First Aid. Fortunately, Disney has your back with First Aid Stations in each of the parks, and these things are STOCKED. 

In case something goes wrong while you’re at Disney World, it’s good to be prepared! This means knowing where to seek medical attention when needed, and what you can expect to find in terms of medication and services. So let’s take a look at what exactly is offered at First Aid in Disney World! 

First Things First: Where to Find First Aid

Firstly, it helps to know WHERE to go when you need First Aid. Disney World has these medical stations in each of the parks, and each is fully equipped. 

Cinderella Castle

In Magic Kingdom, First Aid is located between The Crystal Palace and Casey’s Corner, as you’re walking towards Adventureland. 

Magic Kingdom First Aid

In EPCOT, find First Aid in the Odyssey Center between Future World and the World Showcase, near the Mexico Pavilion.

Odyssey Center

Over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, First Aid is in the guest relations building on Hollywood Boulevard, right near the park entrance. 

Guest Relations building

Then there’s Animal Kingdom, which has a First Aid station in Discovery Island right next to Creature Comforts. 

Animal Kingdom First Aid

Why You Should Visit a First Aid Station

Not a lot of people know this, but you can actually save money by visiting a First Aid station in the parks! 

First Aid Center

Whether it’s a headache, a sunburn, or heartburn, you can swing by First Aid for sample sizes of all kinds of common medication, and it’s FREE! This is a hot tip for anyone who doesn’t want to pay for over-priced Tylenol at a resort gift shop. We’re talking basic antacids, pain relievers, etc. Basic staples. For more specialized meds, like daily allergy medication or stronger antacids and the like, you’ll be directed to a gift shop.

Animal Kingdom gift shop

Each station is also staffed by a licensed nurse, who is well-equipped and well-versed to treat whatever might ail you. 

Hollywood Studios First Aid

Even if you’re just feeling a little exhausted or overheated, these are great places to get some rest and regroup. They’re happy to load you up with electrolyte drinks to try and reset your system and will do what they can to ensure you’re feeling up for continuing your day before you leave. Wheelchairs are available for use if you suddenly require one. Don’t push yourself too hard or avoid medical treatment if you start to feel groggy. Pay attention to the signals your body is giving you, and respond proactively! 

What’s Available at First Aid? 

It might come as a pleasant surprise to some, but Disney’s First Aid Stations are so stocked, they’re practically mini hospitals. 

EPCOT First Aid

All the basic essentials for commonplace maladies are here, like Tylenol, cough drops, Ibuprofen, bandages and Band-Aids, tissues, cold medicine, damp cloths (great for heat), and sports drinks for electrolytes. They also have plenty of emesis (AKA barf) bags they’ll happily send you along your way with, if your tummy starts acting up.

Hollywood Studios First Aid

They’ve also got beds in back, where visitors can lie down and rest, and they have thermometer strips for taking temperatures. The nurses on staff here are SO kind and helpful and happy to assist you in any issue you may find yourself with while in the parks. 

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For allergic reactions, First Aid stations are equipped with EpiPens, and nurses are also able to administer injections for things like diabetes, with special containers on hand for disposal of hypodermic needles. 

Rest up

Got something in your eye? Just stop by and they’ll assist in flushing it out! And even if you have your own special kinds of medication, First Aid can store it for you while you’re out and about in the park! 

Hopefully you won’t need too many of these on your next Disney World vacation!

Need a prescription filled but don’t have time to leave the parks? No prob! You can have them delivered to First Aid Stations through Turner Drugs (but be careful — they’re PRICEY) or possibly through Disney’s new partnership with AdventHealth, and pick them up right there!

First Aid

As you can see, Disney takes First Aid VERY seriously, so it’s good to know they’ve got your back at any time, whether you need some heat relief, a little Ibuprofen, or just a minute to lie down! 

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Have you ever had to use First Aid in Disney World? Let us know how it went in the comments!

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