What’s New at EPCOT: Where to Get the NEW Starbucks Tumbler and a Why the Land Mosaic Doesn’t Fit the Wall

We try out best to keep you updated with what’s going on inside all the Disney World parks.


Lately we’ve seen some big (umm…FESTIVE) changes over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but now we’re hopping over to Disney World’s second park to see what’s new with construction, merchandise, and other updates!

We’re looking around EPCOT yesterday, and we’ve already found some new stuff to show you.

EPCOT Merchandise Update

If you’ve been following DFB recently, you’ve probably already seen the new vintage tumbler by Starbucks that popped up in the parks a few days ago.

Starbucks Vintage Tumbler

This tumbler is SUPER popular, and it’s been selling out quick at most Disney World locations. But we spotted it in EPCOT yesterday!

It’s here!

It’s available as part of the Vault Collection, which is located at Gateway Gifts (the entrance is right under Spaceship Earth).

Gateway Gifts

If you’ve been looking for this beauty recently, we’d recommend that you check here! Merchandise tends to sell out in the Magic Kingdom more quickly than it does in EPCOT (as we saw with the 50th Anniversary Dooney and Bourke bags, which were mobbed in the Magic Kingdom and almost forgotten in EPCOT’s Creations Shop).

Starbucks Tumbler

You can get the new tumbler for $24.99.

EPCOT Construction Update

In terms of construction, we saw that the Rose & Crown over in the UK Pavilion at World Showcase got a new paint job recently.

Rose and Crown Pub

The restaurant is still dark green, and the colors are looking sharper than ever now.

New paint!

Disney World is constantly sprucing up the restaurants, shops, and attractions around the parks, and some of those updates are pretty subtle.

Lookin’ good

Over at the Land Pavilion in the World Nature section of the park, we were admiring the gorgeous mosaics leading up to the entrance.

The Land Mosaics

These aren’t new (they were here when the Land Pavilion opened), but we thought we’d share an interesting little tidbit for ya you might not know! Have you ever noticed how the mosaics curve down and into the ground at the bottom?

The mosaic extends onto the ground

It’s a cool way to represent the mosaic being a part of the ground itself, but this detail wasn’t actually on purpose. The mosaics (designed by Imagineer Walt Peregoy and created by Hanns and Monika Scharff) were designed at the same time as the building, but when the wall was finished, they found out that it was about three feet shorter than the mosaics that were planned to fit in the space.

They weren’t supposed to do this!

Instead of cutting off part of their designs, Peregoy and the Scharffs decided to extend the mosaics down onto the ground. So what is now a beautiful piece of art actually started as a mathematical error in Disney World.

The Land Pavilion

Now you can tell all your friends to truly convince them that you’re a Disney nerd, just like us. 😉

EPCOT Crowds Update

We checked out the crowds on our way into EPCOT as well.

Crowds at EPCOT Entrance

Although there were plenty of people at the entrance, the wait times throughout the day weren’t too crazy. Soarin’ only had a 15-minute wait


…Test Track was at 60 minutes

Test Track

…and Frozen Ever After was at 50 minutes.

Frozen Ever After

On our way out, we stopped to say hello to Mickey, who sometimes pops up by Spaceship Earth.

Hi Mickey!

That’s it for our update! Keep following DFB for more news and updates from Disney World.

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