REVIEW: A Disneyland Caramel Apple Has A FUN Flavor Combo!

Disney LOVES a theme as the seasons and holidays roll around.

Watermelon Dole Whip Slice

Just about everyyything is pumpkin in the Fall and we can’t get enough of trying out new Dole Whip creations. Sometimes the themed treats are amazing, while other times they miss the mark. Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of desserts giving us summertime vibes, like the Trilo-Bites Twist in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and now, there’s another treat over at Disneyland for the season!

Introducing the Watermelon Seasonal Apple in Disneyland!

Looks just like a watermelon!

You can get it for $11.99 over at Trolley Treats in Disney’s California Adventure.

The detailing ex*seeds* our expectations

It’s a Granny Smith apple with caramel, white chocolate and watermelon flavored coating, and marshmallow ears. And you can most definitely taste the watermelon!

Take a bite!

The summer fruit adds a different flavor than your usual caramel apple combo, and it’s nice! But if you don’t like watermelon, this is not for you! We first spotted this treat back in 2019, but this is our first time trying it.

Do you think this apple is Evil Queen approved?

The drawback with the apple, like almost all Disney caramel apples, is that it’s really hard to eat. It’s sticky, messy, and not a very convenient snack to dig into while you walk around the parks! We also think they’re overpriced for what you get.

Interesting cross section

However, the treat is pretty and festive for the summer! If you want to try an unusual flavor combination and love caramel apples, go ahead and grab it! We’ll keep you updated if we see any other watermelon treats around the parks, so stay tuned to DFB!

Click here to see the watermelon Dole Whip TACO!

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