Disney Introduces NEW Imagination Campus for Students

Disney has had a long-standing partnership with students.


Recently, we’ve seen the Disney College Program return, and 4th-graders created new ice cream flavors in Downtown Disney! And now, Disney’s introducing a new opportunity: Disney Imagination Campus.

Disney Imagination Campus will be a “comprehensive collection of workshops,” designed in collaboration with Walt Disney Imagineering, for students in Arts and Humanities, Science and Technology, and Leadership and Innovation. The program will launch in January 2022, and there will be campuses in both Florida and California.


Maryann Smith, Vice President of Sales, Services & Events at The Walt Disney Company, explained that Imagineers helped “create new educational experiences to challenge students to use their imagination, all within our real-world learning laboratories and performance venues across our theme parks.”


Additionally, we’re seeing the return of Performing Arts workshops, which have been a component of the Disney Parks for over 40 years. Those will kick off in 2021. And a new collaboration with Kahoot! will allow students to participate in “interactive, self-guided challenges” while inside the Disney Parks or while participating in these various workshops.


This all sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it?! If you or your child is interested in enrolling, you can visit DisneyCampus.com for more information. You can also learn more in the video below.

We’ll keep ya posted as we learn more about this exciting new program, so stay tuned to DFB!

Check Out That Student-Created Ice Cream!

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