PHOTOS: We’re LIVE From the Reopening of Universal Studios Hollywood!

We’re LIVE from Universal Studios Hollywood today for the grand reopening of the park! Disneyland opens in just a few weeks, but this is our first step inside a major reopened California theme park.

Let’s Go to Universal Studios Hollywood!

Today, we’re going to take a look at new procedures, crowds, and more!

We will be updating this post throughout the day, so be sure to check back.

Arriving at Universal Studios Hollywood

We made our way over to Universal Studios today, parked, went through the security and bag check…

We’re Almost There!

…and made our way into the park!

Ready to Go Inside?!

Inside the Park: Social Distancing Markers, Crowds, and More

Want to do some shopping? The Universal Studio Store was open for all your souvenir needs.

Shop ‘Til You Drop!

In one area leading to the store, we found an entrance only sign. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to control the flow of traffic to maintain appropriate distancing, some areas have been marked as entrances only, while others are exits.

This is much like what has been done over at Disney World, although we did notice some changes at select stores for a period of time.

Pay Attention to the Signs!

So, just be sure to look for those signs at stores, restaurants, and other locations throughout the park.

Another Entrance Only Sign — Got To Look For Them!

We also spotted a sign in the park with some specific dining rules. Eating and drinking are only allowed in designated dining areas at Universal Studios Hollywood. Everyone must wear their face coverings unless they are actively eating or drinking.

If you’re dining indoors, then you may only be seated with your same household in a single table. If you’re dining outdoors, up to 3 households may sit together per table.

Important Dining Rules

Keep in mind that California has specific rules when it comes to theme park reopening guidelines as they apply to various things including queues, who may enter the theme parks, etc.

Click here to read about California’s updated theme park reopening guidelines.

In terms of the crowds, we certainly found areas in the parks where there was plenty of space…

Lots of Space

…and pretty low crowds.

Lower Crowds in This Area

In certain areas, Universal Studios had placed barricades and signs directing guests to keep to a specific side of the walkway. This can help the flow of traffic and prevent guests from potentially crossing closely to one another.

Keep to One Side!

Over at The Secret Life of Pets Off the Leash attraction, there was a sign directing guests to join the virtual line. This is another big thing you’ll want to look for throughout Universal Studios to make sure you’ve signed up for any virtual lines appropriately so you can hop on those attractions.

Time to Join the Virtual Line

After passing by The Secret Life of Pets attraction, we roamed past some other spots in the park including the area near The Simpsons Ride…

The Simpsons

…and Hogsmeade.

You’re a Wizard!

Then, we made our way to our first official ride of the day — the Studio Tour. There were a number of signs in front of the attraction regarding some health and safety measures and other requirements.

Time for a Studio Tour

While in the queue, we spotted various social distancing markers

We’ve Seen These Before!

…and various signs on the floor, showing guests where they should stand and reminding them to keep an appropriate distance from others. This is similar to what we’ve seen in Disney World and elsewhere.

Be Sure to Watch for These

From what we could see, it looked like guests were being loaded in every other row on the vehicles for the Studio Tour (just like what’s being done over at Pirates of the Caribbean in Disney World now).

Loading Procedures

And that’s a peek at what things look like at Universal Studios Hollywood on their reopening day. But, the day has only just begun!

Remember, we’ll be updating this post throughout the day so be sure to keep checking in.

Click here to learn more about Disneyland’s reopening!

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