We Tried the Hottest New Shoes in Disney World. Here’s What Happened.

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We’ve seen some pretty wacky Disney merchandise over the years!

Magic Kingdom

We’ve seen things that were crazy expensive, things that we didn’t understand, and things that were downright weird. Recently, Disney released a new line of shoes that we looked at and thought, “Surely those can’t be comfortable, right?” So, for science, we bought ourselves a new pair of those Native brand shoes, and we tested them out in Disney World!

In case you missed it, Disney recently did a collaboration with the shoe brand, Native, to make some stylish Mickey and Minnie Mouse-themed footwear. They look sort of like Keds, except they’re made of rubber! They’re hand-washable and recyclable, meaning they’re supposed to be great for kiddos. The moms on our team have mentioned that these are a BIG deal in the parent community, so we had to try them out!

Native Shoes in Magic Kingdom

We’ve seen four different styles so far. There’s a Minnie Mouse print for women and a Mickey Mouse print for men (these are the ones we purchased and they can be worn by women as well)

Minnie Mouse Print in Women’s Sizes

…and then there’s a Mickey print and a Minnie print for children. The adult shoes are $54.99 each and the kids’ shoes are $44.99. 

Mickey Mouse Print in Children’s Sizes

You can purchase these in the parks and online.

Click here to purchase a pair of Disney Natives. 

After these launched, we received several questions from our followers about them, many asking the same thing we did — are they comfortable? So, to get the answer to that question, we put up a poll on Instagram and asked our followers to choose which adult-sized pair we should get. They decided the Mickey Mouse design was best, so here we are… .

Wearing Natives in the parks!

These shoes don’t come in half sizes and our reporter who tested them is usually a 5.5, so she sized up to a 6. We tried them out for a few days in the Disney World parks, and we’ve got some thoughts!

Hub grass + chill with our new shoes!

Since the shoes were a half-size too big, our reporter found that they started to slip off her feet a tad around the heels. If she could’ve gotten her proper size, she thinks that they would’ve fit just right and be a lot comfier. As they were, she lasted about 2-2.5 hours each day wearing them — but that’s with walking a TON of steps!

Here’s what the back of the shoes looks like!

She started to get a small blister on the front of her foot partway into the first day, so she tried covering it with a Band-Aid. It wasn’t the most effective solution, but on day two, she started things off with some waterproof bandages, and that worked much better! We somewhat expected this going in, and this just goes to show why we don’t recommend breaking in new shoes at Disney World. 

We advise using waterproof bandages when you’re breaking them in!

Throughout each day, we were stopped by several guests with comments on the shoes, saying how cute they are and asking where we got them, so that was a definite perk! We also didn’t have to worry about getting them wet, so they may be good for rainy days. We think that kids will really love these, as long as they fit their feet properly and they’re broken in.

Native shoes for kiddos!

However, there were some big downsides. These are pretty narrow sneakers and they don’t have much “give.” Therefore, if you have a wide foot, you may not be able to get your foot inside. Also, they have very minimal arch support, so those with pronounced arches won’t be comfortable for a long period of time!

Natives compared to Crocs

Even after all of this, at the end of our little test — we actually liked them! They’re fun, cute, and add a quirky little touch of Disney to your outfit. We don’t recommend trying to break them in while you’re in the parks, so if you plan on wearing them on vacation, bring a backup pair of shoes.

Crocs or Natives? Click Here to See the Showdown!

Disney x Native Shoes

The one question we still have left is “are they worth the $55 you pay?” Unfortunately, we can’t really answer that directly for you. If you love them and wear them all the time, then probably! But on the other hand, if they make your feet miserable and you’re planning to purchase them and break them in at Disney, you may wish you’d never spent the money. It’s really on a case-by-case basis. It’ll depend on your shoe preferences, the size of your foot, how much you’re walking each day, etc. Either way, we had a great time testing them out and we’ll probably wear them again!

They’re stylish and fun!

We hope that review helped you make a decision on whether or not you should buy these new shoes. Let us know your thoughts on them in the comments! Also, make sure to let us know what other products you want to see us review in the future!

Wanna get your own pair of Disney x Native shoes? Click here!

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