What’s New at Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Merchandise Discounts and Details You Don’t Want to Miss in Ride Queues!

Welcome back, DFB friends! We’re here with another What’s New at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Toy Story Land

And, we’ve got plenty of merchandise and entertainment updates to share with you, so let’s dive right on in!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Merchandise Update

Black Spire Outpost

You might head to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge for lightsabers based on Jedi: Fallen Order or build-your-own-droid parts. But, sometimes the simple souvenirs are great collectibles to bring home with you!

Black Spire Outpost

And, now you can even score a huge discount on the Black Spire Tote during your next visit to Batuu! While the tote is usually $34.99, you can pick it up for $24.99

Black Spire Tote

…so you can carry the brown and red bag during your adventures across Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Black Spire Tote

Celebrity 5 & 10

As you’re cuddling up to watch your favorite spooky movies with your pets this Halloween, you can snuggle up under the Gray Mickey Throw Blanket! The woven blanket will keep you warm as the temperature drops this Fall…

Gray Mickey Throw Blanket

and look super cute with its Mickey designs and fringe along the edges for $59.99.

Gray Mickey Throw Blanket

Once Upon a Time

While sunglasses and masks are a must before you head back to Disney World, you might want to pack a hat to shade yourself from the Florida sun. And, the Tie Dye Bucket Hat seems like a colorful way to celebrate your time back in the parks for $29.99.

Tie Dye Bucket Hat

And, while you’re at Once Upon a Time, you can also stock up on outerwear for the cool weather coming soon with the Mickey Jean Jacket.

Mickey Jean Jacket

The jacket features multiple patches, including an image of the original Mickey in the parks…

Mickey Jean Jacket

…as well as the 1971 opening date for Disney World, and Mickey looking classic and dapper. Who says you can’t add a bit of Disney flair to your everyday wardrobe when you can get a jacket this cute for $79.99?

Mickey Jean Jacket

Mickey’s of Hollywood

As you get ready to stock up on a whole bucket full of Halloween candy for October 31st, you can use the Light-Up Pumpkin Bucket that’s on sale for $10 at Mickey’s of Hollywood!

Light-Up Pumpkin Bucket

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Entertainment Update

Wait Times

We’ve noticed that the posted wait times haven’t exactly been the actual amount we’ve waited in line for attractions. As guests have continued to return to the parks during the holiday season, we’ve seen waits for attractions like Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway climb to 105 minutes…

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway Wait Time

Toy Story Mania jump to 60 minutes…

Toy Story Mania Wait Time

…and Slinky Dog Dash increase to 80 minutes recently.

Slinky Dog Dash Wait Time

Ride Queues

However, it’s not always such a drag to wait in long lines when you’re in the parks. Disney Imagineers have put SO much detail into the attraction queues, so you can spot something new every time you’re there! And, over at Muppet Vision 3D, you’re going to want to keep an eye out for a few surprises before you enter the attraction.

Muppet Vision 3D Queue

The wall art and pipe has been designed to look like Gonzo wearing a pair of 3D glasses (he looks pretty fabulous, we have to say)…

Muppet Vision 3D Queue

…while the light fixtures have been decorated to appear like fun and wild characters!

Muppet Vision 3D Queue

Plus, you can even spot a few painted doodles inside the infrastructure (Camilla the Chicken, is that you??), while the air vent looks like a very familiar Sesame Street friend! Since the Muppets are a part of the Sesame Street universe, it’s not a surprise that Oscar the Grouch made some sort of grumpy appearance at Muppet Vision 3D.

Muppet Vision 3D Queue

Well, that’s all for this What’s New at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! We’ll catch you next time for more merchandise and entertainment updates. And, if you have any questions about your next trip to Disney World, let us know so we can find you the answers!

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