What’s New at Downtown Disney: Health Signs at the Park Gates, Oogie Boogie Merch, and a Fun Line of Mickey Bags!

Greetings from Downtown Disney! Our most recent visit certainly LOOKED quite different, as you may notice our outdoor photos include a bit of an orange saturation. That is coming from the smoke that is currently traveling up and down the west coast from all of the wildfires in California, Oregon, and Washington.

Smoke Above Downtown Disney

This week we stopped by Disneyland’s shopping and dining district to see what was new. Come along with us as we recap the latest in Disneyland shopping and more!

Downtown Disney Construction Updates

As soon as we arrived at Downtown Disney, we noticed a new update. A Parking Self Pay station has been added to the Simba Parking Lot!

Parking Self Pay station has arrived in Downtown Disney

Parking in the lot has been complimentary since Downtown Disney reopened, but this was only meant to be a temporary offering. So we may see the free parking go away soon!

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The Emporium inside Disneyland Park continues to get a facelift!

Emporium construction

Construction looked about the same since our last visit. One of the biggest changes we spotted on our most recent visit to the Disneyland Resort was all the new health and safety signs added to the park gates!

Disney California Adventure Park — Health and Safety Reminders

Of course, the biggest change we saw on this recent trip wasn’t totally related to Disneyland at all. The skies were covered in smoke from the recent wildfires burning across the west coast.

Disney California Adventure Park

Disneyland itself is safe from the current active fires, but it was quite the experience to see the smoke fill the skies and even see it raining ash.

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Downtown Disney Merchandise Updates

World of Disney

Upon entering World of Disney, we immediately fell head-over-heels for this NEW Mulan sipper cup!

Mulan Sipper at World of Disney at Downtown Disney

The cup retails for $17.49! Pick one up and enjoy your favorite drink as you watch Mulan!

Click here to learn more about the new sipper cup inspired by Mulan

We also finally got to check out the new Halloween face masks that debuted last week (along with the spiffy new fabric!).

Halloween face mask

Both the pumpkin and the “Boo!” designs were in stock!

Halloween face mask

The new designs are so fun! These masks currently retail for $6.00 per mask.

Read all about the new mask fabric here! 

Speaking of Halloween-themed merchandise, we spotted a couple of tops designed after Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas. First up is this vibrant green spirit jersey.

Oogie Boogie Spirit Jersey

The spirit jersey is available at World of Disney for $69.99. We also spotted an Oogie Boogie hoodie (try saying THAT five times fast!).

Oogie Boogie Jacket

The zip-up hoodie is also available at World of Disney for $59.99.

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Continuing on our adventures through World of Disney, we discovered a trio of bucket hats that we think are très chic. The first one comes in a fun tie-dye design, featuring Mickey Mouse!

Tie-dye bucket hat

The second is for all you Jedis out there! This Star Wars bucket hat will make you the most fashionable in the galaxy!

Star Wars bucket hat

And finally, we spotted a reversible bucket hat. One side is solid black with Mickey Mouse

Reversible Mickey bucket hat

…while the other side is a fun Mickey Mouse pattern!

Reversible Mickey bucket hat

All of the bucket hats cost $29.99 each at World of Disney.

And if you’re going to don a bucket hat during these final weeks of hot weather, be sure to match them with a short-sleeve button-down shirt! We’ve already spotted several of these dapper shirts in Downtown Disney, and on our most recent trip, we spotted shirts featuring Dug

Dug short sleeve button down t-shirt

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Oswald short sleeve button down t-shirt

…a fun Pizza Planet design…

Pizza Planet short sleeve button down t-shirt

…and just in time for Halloween, villains!

Villains short sleeve button down t-shirt

Each of the button-down shirts retails for $59.99.

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If you’re looking for something a little more casual, this Disneyland surfboard tee should do the trick!

Men’s surfboard t-shirt

The front features Mickey, while the back has a surfboard! This shirt makes us want to go surf some waves!

Men’s surfboard t-shirt

This men’s t-shirt retails for $36.99.

Kids can also get in on the t-shirt action on this recent trip to Downtown Disney. We spotted this adorable glow in the dark tee that says “Up to No Good!”

“Up to no good” kid’s t-shirt

The kid’s t-shirt was spotted in the Halloween section of World of Disney and retails for $19.99.

Speaking of Halloween, we found two of Disney’s new adaptive Halloween costumes. One of the costumes is Cinderella’s iconic ballgown

Cinderella adaptive Halloween costume

…and the other costume is Buzz Lightyear!

Buzz Lightyear adaptive Halloween costume

Both of these adaptive costumes are available in World of Disney for $49.99.

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We spotted possible THE cutest set of cookie cutters we’ve ever seen! This set inspired by Disney Parks includes both Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty Castles, Spaceship Earth, Mickey’s Fun Wheel (now known as Pixar Pal-A-Round), Tower of Terror, and the Tree of Life!

Disney Parks cookie cutter set

We’ve all been baking more cookies this year since we’ve been spending all this time at home, so why not add a sprinkle of magic to your next batch? The cookie cutter set retails for $24.99.

Our final merchandise find at World of Disney are two new additions to the Disneyland Hotel merchandise line. First up is this adorable picture frame!

Disneyland Hotel frame

The 4×6 frame is available in World of Disney for $24.99. And with the holiday season just weeks away, perhaps you’re looking for a new ornament to add to your tree! How about making that addition this beautiful glass Disneyland Hotel ornament?

Disneyland Hotel ornament

The ornament retails for $21.99!

Take a look at some of the other Disneyland Hotel merchandise available in World of Disney!

Curl Surf

If you’re in the market for a new backpack, head over to Curl Surf in Downtown Disney! They currently have the latest Herschel x Mickey Mouse collection in stock! Whether you’re looking to carry around a little or a lot, there’s a bag for just about everyone. Starting off, there’s this adorable mini-backpack!

Herschel x Mickey Mouse Collection

The mini-backpack retails for $65.95. If backpacks aren’t your thing, perhaps this crossbody bag will suit you better!

Herschel x Mickey Mouse Collection

The crossbody bag retails at Curl Surf for $45.95. Or if you’re looking for the ULTIMATE hip look, perhaps you would be interested in this hip pack!

Herschel x Mickey Mouse Collection

The hip pack is available at Curl Surf for $50.95. If you’re familiar with the Herschel brand, you’ll know that they’re definitely known best for their backpacks! So this collection has a fair amount of them available. In addition to the mini-backpack above, we saw two medium-sized backpacks! The first is your standard backpack (with, of course, this too-cool-for-school Mickey Mouse design).

Herschel x Mickey Mouse Collection

This first backpack retails for $70.95.

If you want your backpack to look slightly different than the rest, this next medium backpack has exaggerated zipper details and two carrying straps on top.

Herschel x Mickey Mouse Collection

This backpack retails for $80.95.

The third backpack we spotted is quite large and includes Herschel’s signature double strap design.

Herschel x Mickey Mouse Collection

The large backpack retails for $120.95.

And finally, for everything plus the kitchen sink, a duffle bag was included in this collection!

Herschel x Mickey Mouse Collection

The duffle bag is available at Curl Surf for $100.95. We’re definitely saving our pennies to pick up several (potentially ALL) of these cute bags!

Downtown Disney will resume indoor dining this week! Click here to learn more.

Dress Shop

We popped into Dress Shop to see what we could SPOT, and what we discovered were a whole lot of animal spots, stripes, and more! First was this cardholder with a fun animal print Minnie Mouse bow detail.

Animal print cardholder

Pick one up at the Dress Shop for $15.99! And why stop there? Have all of your accessories match with this set of four scrunchies, also with fun animal prints!


The set of four scrunchies are available at The Dress Shop in Downtown Disney for $14.99.

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Pin Traders

Finally, we headed over to Pin Traders to scope out any potential new pins! Star Wars fans will hit the jackpot here as we found some new Limited Edition Star Wars and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge pins! The pins are designed after Mon Calamari...

Mon Calamari pin


Rose pin

Black Spire Outpost

Black Spire Outpost pin

…and Droid Depot!

Droid Depot pin

Each of the Star Wars pins can be found at Pin Traders for $17.99 each! Finally, we also came across the Mad Tea Party collection of pins from the Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction Series!

Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction Mad Tea Party Collection Pins

Does this mean we’ll see more Main Attraction merchandise arrive in Downtown Disney? We’ll have to wait and see! The pin set retails for $19.99 at Pin Traders.

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That’s a wrap for our most recent trip to Downtown Disney! We’ll be back again soon for even MORE merchandise news and updates. Until then, we will continue to keep a watchful eye on Disneyland as it prepares to reopen, whenever it gets the OKAY from the state government!

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Have you visited Downtown Disney since it reopened in July? Let us know in the comments!