PHOTOS! These Two EPCOT Food Spots Have Re-Opened in Disney World!

It’s one BUSY day in EPCOT because everyone wants a taste of those Food and Wine goodies (us included).


If you want to visit the most booths possible during the festival, EPCOT has specific locations only open on the weekends for guests to visit. While you can head over to Block and Hans or Spain during your Saturday trip to the park, a few NEW spots have popped up in EPCOT today!

We’ve been big fans of that amazing Frothy Ramen ever since the Japan booth opened for guests at the start of the Food and Wine Festival. But, today, the food booth re-opened its additional outside sake bar (!!!) for visitors to sip and savor treats when they’re in the World Showcase. During our last few visits to the park, the bar hadn’t been open (so we were pretty hyped to see it again).

Japan Menu

Along with the menu out front, Japan also has menus hanging on the inside of the booth for easy viewing before ordering. Many of the menu items are still the same, but the Samurai Sencha Ale has just arrived to go along with the sake bar’s opening!

Japan Menu

Since we love you guys (and because we won’t pass up a good Disney ale), we decided to try the Samurai Sencha Ale for ourselves as we strolled around EPCOT!

Samurai Sencha Ale

The Florida weather can be a bit tricky to predict sometimes, but the Samurai Sencha Ale would be a GREAT beer to have during a sunny day in Disney World!

Samurai Sencha Ale

Although we couldn’t pick up any hints of extra flavor, the ale was light and refreshing. The smoothness made it a drink that we could honestly have over and over again during a long walk around the World Showcase.

Samurai Sencha Ale

After sipping on something as cool as the Samurai Sencha Ale, you can also head over to the re-opened popcorn cart in Future World for somethin’ a little savory or sweet with popcorn and ice cream!

Popcorn Cart

The Future World location not only has Mickey Bars and fresh, buttery popcorn…

Popcorn Cart

…but you can also snag the returning Halloween Popcorn Buckets in the parks!

As we continue to make our way around EPCOT, we’ll keep a look at for more Food and Wine treats that you’ll want to snag this Fall.

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What is your favorite Food and Wine Festival booth this year? Let us know in the comments below!


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