NEW CROCS ALERT! We Found BABY YODA Crocs in Disney World!

If you thought the Crocs trend had been a little TOO quiet in Disney World for a short bit of time, they’re baaaack (and better than ever, baby)!

Mickey Mouse Halloween Crocs

Just in time for the best time of the year, Halloween Snack Crocs and Haunted Mansion Wallpaper Crocs have been FLYING off the shelves and online. Obviously, there’s some kind of strange sorcery going on considering that these are the hit Halloween merchandise of the season. But, we’re taking a break from all things spooky and picking up where we left off with Star Wars today instead!

Baby Yoda has somewhat become an icon for Disney fans with his massive ears and cute l’il face. While we’ve recently seen new Baby Yoda Headbands, backpacks, phone accessories, and even a slow cooker (um, okay), it was almost inevitable that Baby Yoda would get his own pair of Crocs too!

Baby Yoda Crocs

The sweet alien has taken over the World of Disney by storm in Disney Springs since the Baby Yoda Crocs have ARRIVED! The metallic Crocs remind us a lot of the Mandalorian’s suit or even Baby Yoda’s floating carriage…

…that make the teensy cartoon Baby Yoda pins POP with all that green!

Baby Yoda Crocs

Star Wars fans or even someone who’s looking for a little Batuuan wardrobe inspo can pick up the Baby Yoda Crocs for $54.99. Warning: Stormtroopers might stop you for being too fabulous if you wear these guys walking around Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. 😉

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Do you own a pair of Disney Crocs? Let us know in the comments below!

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