Disney’s Subtly Redesigned Classic Minnie Ears Are Now Available ONLINE!

There are a lot of fun Minnie Ears out there, but it’s hard to beat a classic.

Minnie Ears!

We’re seeing a ton of new ears right now — Minnie Mouse Witch Ears, Up Ears, Emerald Green Ears, and MORE have all popped up in the parks lately. You might even remember when we spotted a NEW version of the classic Minnie Ears in EPCOT last month, and now these redesigned cuties are available online!

Here they are in all their glory! You can’t say they’re not a classic design. The subtle changes to the ears make for a pretty and slightly more understated look.


You might remember that the original ears had BIG sequins on the bow just like they do on the ears themselves. In this redesigned version, the big sequins have been replaced with glittery red fabric.

Click here to buy the redesigned Classic Minnie Ears online!

In our opinion, the contrasting materials definitely give these ears an upgrade.

Classic Minnie Ears

You can snag your own pair on shopDisney right now for $29.99. You’ll look so classic and cute! We will be on the lookout for even MORE new ears, so stay tuned!

Click here to learn more about the Minnie Ears redesign!

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