Disney World Website Page Noting FastPass+ Returning in January Likely An Error

With crowds increasing over the past few weeks in Disney World, we’ve been hearing from readers how much they hope FastPass+ returns in the coming months. And today we got a little surprise!

FastPass Mention on Disney World website — Screenshot 9-20-20

A page popped up on DisneyWorld.com discussing guests using FastPass+ for their trips in January and February. And you may have seen several reports that it meant FastPass+ was returning in just a few months.

FastPass mention on Disney World website — screen shot 9-20-20

But we want to clear up any confusion. This page may have been put up in error. Or it possibly may not yet have been updated with 2021 information. But there are several things that show this content is from 2019.

First, the page references the annual “Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival” as “returning in spring 2020.” These days, Epcot has returned to its original EPCOT, and is noted as so on all official Disney communication. And obviously an event can’t “return in spring 2020” any longer. So that language is clearly from last year.

Screen Shot by DFB 9-20-20

The page also currently talks about Happily Ever After, a fireworks show not currently happening in Magic Kingdom, as well as spa treatments and other events and options that currently aren’t on offer in Disney World.

Screen Shot by DFB 9-20-20

Finally, the photos used here have guests not wearing face masks. All of Disney’s current marketing materials show guests in masks, so this would be off-brand unless masks were suddenly not going to be required in the new year.

It’s our guess that this page was re-added to the Disney World website because it’s going to be edited and changed according to the options on offer for this coming New Year, but that the current information on the page is from 2019. 

Does this mean that FastPass+ isn’t coming back in January — or before January for that matter? Not necessarily. We don’t have any confirmation in any direction about when/if FastPass+ will return to the parks. It could return next week, next month, or next year. What we do believe is that this particular page is showing erroneous content for this current date, and that it will be either taken down or updated accordingly.

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