We Have Officially Crowned the WINNER of Our DFB Disney Park Characters Throw Down!

Last night, two Disney titans clashed in an epic battle for your affection, but only one could emerge the champion of our HEARTS!

Mickey and Minnie in EPCOT

That’s right — as we live and breathe, Mickey and his lady love Minnie went head-to-head in the final round of our official Disney Food Blog Park Characters Throw Down last night, and now we’ve just tallied the final votes!

Who has won your admiration widdling out every Disney princess and every other surviving member of the Fab Five gang? Let’s quickly recap your options! Here’s Minnie — known for her classic yet effortless grace, the OG polka dot queen and voice behind the sweetest little giggle we’ve ever heard — it sometimes brings us to our KNEES!

It’s Minnie!

But here comes Mickey — a mouse that doesn’t mess around! Some call him a Renaissance man, AND they wouldn’t be wrong! His talents are unlimited, his friendship: PRICELESS! So who’s won the croooown…

It’s Mickey!

It’s official, folks! It looks like we all love Mickey Mouse — the mouse that started it ALL! If anyone stood a chance of taking him down it would’ve been Minnie, but he’s still the reigning BIG CHEESE!

DFB Park Characters Throw Down

Looks like Mickey’s already celebrating his win with a victory lap at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! JK — this is just a pic of Mics and his custom roadster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios from when the park first opened! Even though you can’t run up and give Mickey a hug right now, you’ll still have the chance to see him at all four theme parks as part of Disney World’s new Character Cavalcades!

Motorin’ Mickey

Congratulations Mickey Mouse and a big thanks to everybody for playing along! We’ll cook up another tournament and let you know when it starts, so be on the lookout for another DFB Throw Down coming to a virtual arena near you SOON!

You can still see Mickey Mouse at the newly reopened Disney World! Learn more about it here!

What type of Disney tournament would you like to play next? Shout out your ideas in the comments below!